Parenting Content // How The Odd Selfish Break Makes You a Better Mum*

When you’re a mum to young children, there’s never much in the way of ‘me time’. Of course, our children command 100% of our attention and make our lives wonderful. But there can be times during those early years when they are so utterly dependent on you for so many aspects of their daily routine that you feel there’s not much room for anything but looking after them.



It’s not all fun and games being a mum

Often, you can go through an entire day by rushing from one task to another, with barely time for a cup of tea along the way. If you find yourself sitting on the sofa at the end of the day, not really remembering much of the blur of the day that’s just passed, the likelihood is that you’re pushing yourself too hard. You need to create some little mini-breaks for yourself during the day so that you have a chance to catch your breath, put your feet up, and just zone out for a few minutes before carrying on with the next thing on your list.

All it takes is five minutes, and what you do for those five minutes doesn’t really matter – as long as you can count it as some kind of relaxation. For instance, you could go online to any gaming site such as bgo or Gala and play a couple of online games like bingo or slots. Check out the schedules at and you’ll see that there’s always a game about to start, no matter when you login. Games like these are entertaining, yet don’t require anything in terms of effort from a player. It’s down to chance whether you win or not, so, mentally, they’re a great choice when you just want to chill for a few moments.

If you’re feeling very tired – thanks to those broken nights – in an ideal world you might have a power nap mid-afternoon. But that doesn’t often fit in with looking after the kids, work, or whatever else you need to do. However, you can always take five minutes to just sit or, even better, lie down and focus on your breathing. While maybe not as restorative as a nap, five minutes’ deep, relaxed breathing can be surprisingly energising, and also helps to calm you down if you’re feeling stressed or anxious.

Similarly, if you’re feeling cooped up from being indoors all day, getting a bit of fresh air can give you a real boost. You may not have anywhere exciting to go, but even if it’s just a stroll around the block, then getting out of the house can work wonders. A change of scene, and a brisk walk, can put you back on track for the rest of the day. This is a good one to do with the kids, too. It may feel like a lot of effort to get out sometimes (especially if it involves getting wellies and raincoats on) but you’ll all benefit from it.

Motherhood is hard work, but it doesn’t have to be a drudge. Take five every now and then, to look around and smell the roses, no matter how you choose to spend those brief moments of indulgence. It’ll mean that you’re more fun to be around the rest of the day – and that’s good for everyone!

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