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Lets face it, there are some places for holidays that you hear of that just scream “18-30s” and if that’s not the kind of holiday you’re looking for, you tend to avoid them, right? But pretty much all those places you’d consider to be 18-30s have things to do that are enjoyable if you’re not into the party hard sort of scene. At 27 I have never been on an 18-30s holiday, and with three years left to go and currently a string of Disney holidays on the cards it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever take part in this right of passage. However that’s not to say I won’t visit these placed in the future.

Today I’m sharing some ideas for a holiday to Malia, one of the 18-30 capitals of the world, that don’t include getting drunk and jiggy with a barman. In case you’re unaware, Malia is on Crete, which is the largest island in Greece. To me Greece is one of the most beautiful places in the world, I have been four times and I have loved each place dearly. The culture, the scenery, the food and the people, I rate them all highly. So what is there to do in Malia?

Firstly, visit at the start & end of season. I cannot stress this enough. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds of youngesters the best time to go at the beginning of May and end of September as typically the younger crowds go during the summer when it’s at it’s hottest.

Now the stuff to do..

Top of my list is a visit to the Malia ruins. I’m a bit of a Greek history buff so this is a big thing for me, especially how you’re able to walk around the palace which was uncovered by archeologists. So much is still visible today and it makes a great day of exploring.

Malia ruins


How about taking a nature tour and see the real Crete? Safari Club offers a great Land Rover adventure that gives you a look at the surrounding areas of Malia and takes you out of the resort of for the day. With pick up from your hotel available meaning you don’t need to seek out a pick up location which is always a nuisance if you decide not to rent a car.

On the subject of getting out of the resort, why not book a boat excursion? This is something so popular with a holiday in Greece because the Mediterranean is such a beautiful stretch of water that has gems of it’s own. You can choose one that allows you to sail around the island, go looking for dolphins and try your hand at snorkeling or even one that takes you to a neighboring island.

Back in the resort, be sure to check out the Aeolos Beach Water Park, which is very popular with families and makes a change from simply lying by your own hotel pool. It’s a great day out and combines a family friendly resort and the beach.

For other off the map things to do in Malia you could hire a bicycle for a day, or even just walk into the old town areas. Be sure to try the small restaurants and bars hidden off the main drag as these are the ones less likely to be over crowded. They’re also usually family run with traditional food and music on offer for a quieter night out. Crete is such a beautiful island, as is Malia which is situated on the north shore it definitely has other things on offer that aren’t aimed at the 18-30 crowd.

Have you ever been to Greece, or even Malia? What was your favourite thing to do?

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