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Outfit of the Day – Second Star to the Right

Cocktails in Teacups Fashion Blog Apricot Summer Dress Review

Cocktails in Teacups Fashion Blog Apricot Summer Dress Review Miss Selfridge Leather Jacket Hot Topic Scarf

Cocktails in Teacups Fashion Blog Apricot Summer Dress Review Aqua Lace Structured Dress

Cocktails in Teacups Fashion Blog Apricot Summer Dress Review Make Up

Cocktails in Teacups Fashion Blog Apricot Summer Dress Review Disney Couture Believing is just the Beginning necklace

Cocktails in Teacups Fashion Blog Apricot Summer Dress Review Second Star to the Right Tattoo

Princess Quotes Scarf (unknown as it’s discontinued), Hot Topic
Miss Selfridge Leather Jacket* £35, Vinted
Aqua Lace Structured Dress* £28, Apricot
Believing is Just the Beginning necklace £45, Disney Couture
White Frill Socks £1.99, Primark
Cut Out Heeled Boots (traded for), Vinted
Cat Face Bag £4.99, Primark

I have two points to make, firstly, ignore my kitchen, I’m in the process of preparing the place for decorating which means scrubbing at the damp around the window and in the skirting board.

Secondly, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an outfit post, mainly because I have been having some self esteem issues in regards to my body. I’ve felt really ugly and podgy, which has in turn lead me to eat bad and forgo make up as I was literally just hiding out. To top it off someone I regarded as a friend made a rather flippant comment at the weekend which has made me even more insecure. Why is it always so much easier to believe the negative about yourself? I’ve spent the past few days looks for some self worth in the completely wrong places (aka, dating websites) but today I decided to suck it up and post an outfit post. This is an important move for me as I’ve reverted back to my old ways of calorie counting in an attempt to get back to a place that I’m happy to be in and maybe this post will serve as a reminded of how far I’ve come in the future.

ANYWAY, the dress itself is beautiful. It’s one from Apricot‘s new summer collection and comes in five colours. This is the aqua one and I am in love with it. This sort of turquoise is one of my favourite colours. I like how it can be dressed up for a wedding or dressed down with a leather jacket and chunky boots like I’ve gone for today. Although it’s structured it’s really forgiving unlike some dresses of a similar style on the market.

As I mentioned above I’m wearing it with some chunky boots and a leather jacket. I really love this combination of a lace dress with more rock chick (urgh did I really just write that) accessories. It definitely makes it look more edgy not that I’d ever consider that my style. I do adore this leather jacket though that I picked up during my Vinted phase along with the boots that were part of a trade. The scarf is one I ordered from Hot Topic and my best friend Bee has the same. The monochrome of it makes it so wearable and it only looks Disney if you really get close to it. It’s now sold out online. I’ve finished off the outfit with a pair of frilly white socks which I always think look good with cut out boots, a cat shaped bag I picked up in Primark months ago to replace the one I left on the train and my favourite Disney Couture necklace.

Anyway, the title of the post is in reference to my first tattoo! This is why I felt like I needed to include my grubby floor in the photo because it’s in such a hard place to photograph! I got it last week to celebrate Bee’s birthday.. I know it sounds like a weird thing to get to celebrate a friend’s birthday but she got one too, and her other best friend Nat. I am SO proud of myself for getting it and I can’t stop looking at it. It really wasn’t painful at all but I think it could have been all down to the company I was with, Nat & Bee were perfect to go with and too my mind off it. Nat blogged all about it on Twice the Mum. In case you’re not a Disnerd like me, it’s not just generic stars, it’s actually Peter Pan’s home address “second star to the right, and straight on til morning” I have mentioned on more than one occasion I wanted a Peter Pan tattoo but I could never 100% decide on what then after LM becoming so obsessed with Peter in Disney World, I just knew that when I finally took the plunge, what I would get. It’s simple so in time I can extend it.

Have you got any tattoos?

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