Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015*

Last month I explored unusual gifts to get your dad this father’s day, but then I remembered I put together a really lovely gift guide for mother’s day and wanted to do the same (it’s only fair, right?) So here is my gift guide for father’s this father’s day.

Cocktails in Teacups Fathers Day Gift Guide

Cocktails in Teacups Fathers Day Gift Guide Great British Tool Box

Cocktails in Teacups Fathers Day Gift Guide Debenhams Carven Pour Homme

Cocktails in Teacups Fathers Day Gift Guide Debenhams Ben Sherman Wallet

Cocktails in Teacups Fathers Day Gift Guide Lindt Dark Chocolate Range

Cocktails in Teacups Fathers Day Gift Guide Blu Rays

Milk Chocolate Great British Tool Box* £3.50, Retro Sweets. It’s Father’s Day, dad doesn’t want to be cracking on with some DIY, so instead present him with a box of chocolates shaped like a tool box! Not only is it a cute idea, but it’s a product made here in the UK, Scotland in fact so you’re supporting a small business. Even if that’s not something your father goes in for, you can feel good about yourself.

Famous Grouse Gold Reserve Whiskey £30.94, Amazon. My dad is a big whiskey drinker, it’s something he gets pleasure out of and something the enjoys getting together with his friends to discuss and taste. With him a bottle of fancy whiskey is a winner and over the years while I worked as a barmaid I managed to source him some rarities. Whenever I feel stuck for what to get him, this is always my fall back plan. There are so many on the market these days, and even boxed editions are available readily at places like Amazon, and even in local supermarkets.

Carven Pour Homme Aftershave* £35, Debenhams. This year Debenhams has a whole section dedicated to Father’s Day where you can find something for any sort of dad. I always feel like after shave is a good option as a lot of dad’s don’t like to splash out on this sort of thing. My dad is terrible for only choosing some cheap spray he finds on the sale shelf after Christmas so for Father’s Day it’s nice to upgrade him to something that smells less like paint remover.

Ben Sherman Wallet* £25, Debenhams. Another one from the Debenhams Father’s day section is this gorgeous wallet. My dad’s wallet is falling apart because unlike us girls with our million and one purses he never thinks to replace his. I can’t remember the last time he bought a wallet, they’re always a gift. What I like most about this wallet is that it has a lot of spaces for cards. My dad likes to carry his change in his pocket (or leave it lying on the kitchen table) so a zip part is unnecessary but appears in some many these day. Plus with a label like Ben Sherman you know it’s going to last him a while. A wallet is a great one as it’s hard to gauge the price, and if your dad is anything like mine he’ll moan if he thinks you really spent a lot.

Lindt Dark Chocolate* variously priced, Lindt. This is paying homage to my grandfather who passed away in January. He loved dark chocolate and a delicious bar or box was always the way to his heart on Father’s day. You can get such nice flavours these days, like the selection from Lindt that even someone who isn’t a fan of the stuff (like myself) can enjoy it. If like our family you celebrate grandfathers on Father’s Day, dark chocolate is bound to be a winner.

Various DVDs/Blu Rays, Amazon. This is a big cop out but it’s 100% what I go for when buying gifts for my dad. Anyone else just find men harder to buy for that women? In my parents house blu rays are always a winner. My dad has a huge 3D tv, sound system and a top of the range blu ray player. He loves getting the latest block busters as we don’t have a local cinema so if my sister, my mum or I get really stuck for gift ideas, this is our fall back plan and it’s always well received. If your dad is a movie buff like mine, you really can’t go wrong with Amazon.

Hopefully this gift guide has given anyone still struggling for an idea some last minute generic ones, if not you can always and if not, here are a few more ideas from House of Fraser, I’m particularly fond of the cushions, great if the dad you know is still a bachelor.

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