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I saw this over on Lauren’s blog Belle du Brighton and even though she didn’t tag me I loved reading hers so much that I decided to do my own. It’s very rare I write about being a mother and what kind of a mother I am, I try to limit as much information about my daughter as possible on this public domain, mainly because her father doesn’t deserve to know what kind of a child she is. So instead I’ve decided to share what kind of a mum I am, because without a doubt motherhood is the greatest adventure I’ve embarked on so far in my life.

I am the mum who…

– was told I was having a boy and was going to name him Charlie.
– always wanted to be a mother.
– is complete rubbish at styling hair, even on me daughter.
– has never shared a bath with my kid, bathtime is my time.
– prefers my daughter in handmade clothing.
– flew all the way to Florida alone with a three year old.
– really wanted to enforce the rule of only cooking one meal but really struggled to keep up with this when LM started to get so picky.
– also wanted to avoid using technology to pacify my kid, but that went out the window early on.
– has sole parented from four months.
– reads a bedtime story every night.
– is incredibly firm, but this has resulted in a very well behaved, good mannered child with excellent manners.
– secretly loves when LM wakes briefly in the night so I can sneak in for a cuddle.
– is so happy that my daughter loves Disney just as much as I do.
– hates messy play, that sort of thing is done at Nanny’s and pre-school.
– would love to home school LM but would be so worried she was missing out on the social element of things.
– couldn’t breast feed, chosen not to baby wear. I sometimes wonder if I missed out.
– was so miserable during my pregnancy and first few months of LM’s life due to the relationship I was in. I would never blame LM for it now I have an outside perspective.
– has never spoke to my daughter in baby talk, which is why she probably has a good grasp of the English language at 3 (although her pronunciation of words isn’t perfect yet).
– buys treats for me alone and hides in the kitchen to eat them.
– loves when 7pm rolls around as that’s bedtime and LM is great at going to bed.
– has passed on her stubbornness and independence to my child.
– wouldn’t hesitate taking LM anywhere. She’s so well behaved.
– loves the person I have become because I fought to be her.. however I still have 0 self confidence.
– has never taking LM for a vaccination because the smell of the surgery makes me want to pass out. My mum doesn’t want me passing on my phobia to LM.
– has overcoming her fear of spiders because there is no one else to get them out the house.
– is able to subconsciously turn off my cussing until LM is out of earshot.
– takes way too many photos of my daughter.
– prefers wooden tradition toys and games over modern ones that make way too much noise.
– sometimes puts on a DVD, gets a blanket and sits on the sofa with LM just to get some shut eye.
– believes that being a single mother is the hardest but greatest thing I have ever done. I feel so proud when someone compliments me on how I’m raising my daughter as I know she’s completely a product of my parenting.
– would love to meet someone and have more children. I always pictured myself with three but I’ve also accepted the fact that might never happen.

I am the mum who.. despite everything that happened with LM’s father, hasn’t given up hope.

Cocktails in Teacups Parenting Mummy Blogger I Am The Mum Who Tag

Cocktails in Teacups Parenting Mummy Blogger I Am The Mum Who

I tag both Bee & Nat at Twice the Mum, Emma at Not Your Average and Sophie at Pocockins.

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