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Insta-Month June

Cocktails in Teacups Insta-Month June

Elsa was done with my laptop // 100 days to go // American pancakes
Briar Rose wig // My Father’s Day card for my dad // Thrifted The Rescuers books
Matching Disney Vans // Prince Eric sharing my frozen mojito // My Banana loaf cake for mum’s birthday

The highlights were… My uncle Brian visiting from the States, it was so nice seeing my Nanny so happy. My Nanny getting a new budgie called Bon Bon, again, so nice to see her happy. Deciding to go to SFCC with Bee, and making other plans for next year. Visiting Bee for the weekend. Going out for dinner for my mum’s birthday, first time we’ve ever managed it with the kids! Father’s day, no arguments for once! Managing to create a perfect Briar Rose wig!
Some things I have been loving… All the cosplay plans. Cinnamon and raisin bagels. Having Dominos pizza for the first time in years! My new The Little Mermaid vans, I’ve worn them so much!
My favourite purchase.. My new lens for my camera, can’t wait to shoot Dream Along with Mickey and Festival of Fantasy now!
Biggest regrets have been.. Not sticking to my diet. Allowing myself to become involved in more unrequited love.
Next month I’m looking forward to… Going out for dinner for my sister’s birthday with some of my cousins. LM starting her summer holidays. Going to see Inside Out at the cinema.

I was right, June felt like such a long month and it wasn’t helped by the terrible weather we had in the middle where it basically felt like winter again. I’m dreading July more as my parents are away for most of it and I swear those two weeks are the longest of my life! But I am trying to hold onto the fact that each month that passes brings me one month closer to WDW and DLP. Silver linings people!

What did you enjoy about June?

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