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Top 5 Best Night Wear Outfits Ever

Regardless if you are the type of person who easily overheats while lying in bed or you just like to be as comfortable as possible, in addition to buying a mattress with natural, breathable fabrics such as cotton, choosing the right night wear outfits can also play a major part in helping you get a more sound sleep each night. When you wear tight pyjamas or clothing that causes you discomfort, you not only toss and turn all night, you make it difficult for your partner to get a sound night’s sleep too. Before you hit the sheets tonight, consider these top five best night wear outfits to make you sleep a more restful one.

1. The Comfortable Night Shirt
Ever wonder why women love to wear the guy’s flannel shirt to bed at night? It isn’t because it smells like him, it is because it is an extremely comfortable material and outfit to wear. The night shirt is usually made from soft cotton, loose fitting, and nonrestrictive in the legs or arms. This is the perfect night wear outfit for those who are constantly tossing and turning each night in bed. They go great with just a pair of underwear or even pyjama bottoms. I already own a nightshirt like this.

2. The Cozy Robe
Not all robes are thick and heavy, like the traditional bathrobe. The night wear robe is made from light-weight cotton and covers the body from head to toe. Providing an extra layer of warmth, the robe also provides that soft sensitive touch that will send you off to sleep more quickly. Perfect for those nights with a chill in the air, without having to add additional layers of blankets to keep warm. For the summer I love a shorter version like this from New Look.

3. The Pajama Bottoms
Not only are pajama bottoms and a tank top sexy, they are extremely comfortable. The loose-fitting pajama bottoms do not constrict the legs or waist, allowing you to move around in bed without ever causing any discomfort. Lightweight cotton pyjamas help to keep the body warm or cool, and reduce the need for heavier blankets when sleeping. They are not only cozy, they are quite fashionable, completely acceptable for walking to the kitchen table for breakfast without having to change. I love these from Topshop.

4. The Onesie
The onesie is the perfect night wear outfit for when you sleep alone or if you have a partner with you for the evening. They provide just enough coverage to keep you cozy, but reveal plenty of skin so that you are not uncomfortable as you drift off to sleep at night. Usually made from satin, the material is cool to the touch, keeping your body comfortable even if you are under a sheet and blanket while you sleep. I’m all about the novelty onesies.

5. The Elegant Night Gown
This isn’t the usual night wear outfits, but it is something you wear at night. The elegant night gown for the times you aren’t in bed early but out dancing until the early hours. I’ve thrown this in as sometimes you don’t want to sleep but it definitely still counts as a night wear outfit. I really love the ASOS wedding range for modern evening gowns.

Whatever you choose to wear at night, make sure you have a goodnight sleep!

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