A Wednesday Wishlist – July 2015*

So it’s been a while since I have shared a wishlist with you. That’s not because there hasn’t been stuff I want, because lets face it, there is always stuff I want, it’s just that I haven’t really sat down lately and compiled a list of the stuff I want. That and all my money is tied up in adventuring (and Tsum Tsums). But today is Wednesday and I can’t think of a better time to share a wishlist.

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First up a pancake lens for my DSLR camera. I’m finding that although I loved my camera on holiday, I’m not using it as much for day to day life because it’s just too heavy. I really want to get a smaller lens for it so I’m more inclined to use it daily, either that or I’ve been looking into getting a small Panasonic Lumix camera as they offer excellent zoom and automatic functions without the weight of a SLR. I’ve got a feeling they’ll be better at shooting fireworks too than my big camera, I always miss everything while fiddling with the manual settings! I always would love a new camera bag, I’m actually investing in some proper kit now and my old one is just getting a bit small.

Next, I’m desperate to try the new Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion Spray. I’m a huge fan of Bumble and Bumble, especially the surf range so obviously I want to give the new offering to go. I love beach waves for an easy go to style in the warmer months especially on holiday. I’m trying really hard to save my Boots points so I can splurge on it.

It’s no secret that I wasn’t very happy with the photos of me on holiday, so I cut my losses and sold pretty much my whole summer wardrobe. I’ve been slowly collecting new dresses in a cut I know flatters me and I have my eye on the final three that will mean I’m all ready to pack in a couple of months time. Firstly, I love this Birdie Dress from Sugarhill Boutique, it’s a really flattering cut has short sleeves, a collar and is quirky, everything I look for when choosing a dress. I’ve had my eye on it for months. Next up is the dress I really want to wear to Animal Kingdom, a Dinosaur Print dress from Yumi. I was so impressed with the quality of the dress I received for the #30daysofsummer campaign that I’m itching to get another one for my trip. Finally, the Daphne dress from Miss Patina. I pretty much cry every time I go onto that website because everything is so beautiful and I want it all. But i’d settle for this dress, it looks like a lovely fit with flattering sleeves and it should keep me cool.

Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be one of my wishlists without some Disney on it. Starting with this beautiful Entwined Tinkerbell & Star Ring by Disney Couture. Ever since it was released I’ve had my eye on it as it reminds me of my tattoo. I love how it’s very understated because it’s not coloured but still very sparkly, I think that’s what first caught my attention.

Disney Store UK finally have a larger than usual selection of Disney Traditions and I’m after Peter Pan. I’ll hopefully be able to afford him as soon as they next have a discount code floating about. Anything Peter Pan related is incredibly special in our house these days now that he’s LM’s boyfriend after all.

Finally, although I full stocked up on skincare last week, and picked up a new foundation and powder in my Escentual haul I realised today I’m running out of concealer. After trying a load of different ones I’ve decided to go back to my ultimate favourite MAC’s Pro Longwear concealer. Nothing blends, builds or covers as well and I’m hoping this time i’ll have something to cover my scars that doesn’t run off my face this summer! Despite it being a little on the expensive side, my last bottle of it lasted 6 months so I feel like it’s a good investment.

What are you currently lusting after?

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