My Blogging Best Friend – National Friendship Day 2015

On the 30th July it’s National Friendship day which to me is always a day worth celebrating, after all your friends are your family you choose yourself. So when I was asked by the lovely people at Joe Blogs to choose a little something for my blogger bestie from Lands End, I wasn’t going to say no. I’ll say now, I did cheat a little bit as my best friend is a blogger so obviously I went with her. She’s not just my best friend though, she is a brilliant blogger, a fantastic writer and the big sister I never had. So it seemed only right I chose something as a little treat for her.

Cocktails in Teacups Friendship Day Blogger Friends Lands End

Firstly, a little bit about my best friend. If you often read my blog you’ll know my best friend is called Bee or Bel and she blogs over at Journey’s are my Diary. We have known each other for 12 years, been friends for 11 years and probably best friends for 10 years (aside from the two periods we haven’t been friends but we don’t talk about those). She has been there for me through all the worst times of my life, and I hope I have been there for her during the same. She’s also been there (and is probably responsible for) many of the crazy adventures I’ve been on and a lot of my favourite ever memories as an adult she’s part of. She is one of the most selfless people I know, she bends over backwards not just for me, but for all her friends. She’s always hosting parties, making cakes… she finds the best gifts at birthdays and christmas. Most importantly, she always has my back and if I’m going to confide in anyone about anything, she’s always my first choice.

It’s so important these days that she is herself, a blogger. We now live quite far apart and if I want to keep up on her life I have her blog. I can’t imagine how our friendship would survive if the internet didn’t exist.. although we do text often we don’t always manage to say everything that has happened. Thankfully in person we usually spend a few days of non stop chatting and gossiping. I know her blog keeps her going and she really has worked hard on it. She also runs a second one with her other best friend called Twice the Mum. Between that, running a home, raising her children, all the sewing she does, I’m surprised she ever has time to sleep! She doesn’t ever do anything by halves which is why I think her blog is always such a pleasure to read.

Cocktails in Teacups Friendship Day Lands End Campaign

So as a small treat I’ve chosen to have her sent this Indigo Denim Jacket. I wanted to go with something I know would last a long time, and will suit her. Also, it’s summer, the time to be wearing denim jackets. It’ll never be enough to thank her for all the wonderful things she’s does for me (unless I win a Diva Las Vegas style road trip we can go on together! ONE DAY!) but it’s a start, and I hope she knows how much she does mean to me, both as a best friend and a best blogger friend. She really is the best of everything.

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