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Looking After Your Wellbeing This Summer UV Indicator Wristband

Looking After Your Wellbeing This Summer AA Skincare Eye Gel

Looking After Your Wellbeing This Summer Anthelios XL

Looking After Your Wellbeing This Summer After Sun

The summer is one of those “extreme” seasons, like Winter.. with Spring and Autumn acting as in between seasons. I think I feel this way with living in the UK, Autumn and Spring are very samey where as Summer and Winter are two opposites. In Winter you make sure you’re prepared with warm clothes, thick moisturiser and lip balm to protect against the harsh elements where as summer there are different sorts of precautions you have to take to ensure you and your family stay well in the sun.

First up, there is ensuring you have the right clothing. Hats and sunglasses are a must to protect from sun stroke. In the past I always thought I had to choose between being able to see (with my glasses) or shading my eyes (with sunglasses) but Firmoo have provided me an affordable way to do both. Their prescription glasses and sunglasses are so affordable and new customers can receive an additional 15% off. I have two pairs now and I have reviewed them both on the blog.

A few weeks back I was sent a couple of UV Indicator Wristbands by Smart Sun* and I’m hoping to buy a few more for LM to take with us to Florida. These smart wristbands change colour to warn you about UV exposure, yellow is an unused band, beige means apply more sunscreen and pink means stay out of the sun for the rest of the day. They warn against both UVA and UVB, they’re waterproof in both salt and swimming pool water and they still work over sun cream. Each band has a one day usage but can be used for a whole day even if you go indoors. You can now buy a pack of 5 for £4.99 and I think they’re perfect for a stubborn child like mine, once she notices the colour changing she instantly asks for more cream where in the past it’s been a battle.

If like me you suffer throughout the summer season with hayfever, you’ll know on particularly high pollen count days that tablets sometimes don’t cut it… and there is nothing works that itchy watery eyes when trying to enjoy the sun. I cannot recommend AA Skincare’s Seaweed and Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel* enough when it comes to soothing itchy eyes. The natural ingredients mean that there is no nasties in it to irritate the eyes further. It’s specially formulated for sensitive skin and can even be used to remove eye make up. It’s been an absolute savior for me this hayfever season. I’ve been applying it first thing in the morning a while before putting on my make up, then I’ve used it to remove my eye make up at night. People have been on at me for years to invest in an all natural eye soother and I think I’ve finally found it.

Now the biggest way to ensure ultimate wellbeing during the summer is the application of sun cream. From July on I put on a low factor sun cream every single day on any part of my body that will be exposed to the sun. As I’m fair I’m at high risk of skin cancer and I try hard to eliminate that risk as much as possible. Plus, who doesn’t want to smell like suncream? It just makes me think of holidays! As I always wear foundation or BB cream that offers some form of SPF, by summer I feel the need to increase that protection. La Roche-Posay have created their Anthelios range which are facial suncreams with a very high SPF to ensure you’re completely protected. I have been trialling the 50+ Dry Touch Gel-Cream*. This gel has been a god send now that I’m battling oily skin rather than dry, all my old facial suncreams have left my skin feeling greasy but not this. It also applies smoothly over a base if you need to put on more throughout the day.

On top of that, La Roche-Posay are encouraging you to become a skin-checker for your loved ones with this super cute video featuring puppies! As I come from a family who have a load of beauty spots, or moles we regularly check (my mum has had a few close calls) so it is a campaign close to my heart.

Finally, after all the sun exposure, please don’t forget to use after sun even if you don’t feel burnt. I’m in love with this Garnier Ambre Solaire Refreshing Sorbet at the moment. The tub is too big to take on holiday but it’s currently living on my dressing table and I apply it to my arms and legs every night before putting my pjs on. I’ve noticed a huge improvement with my skin, it feels a lot healthier and even days I’ve had a lot of sun it doesn’t feel dry at at all. I have the melon but it also comes in pomegranate which I imaged smells heavenly.

What are your favourite products for ensuring summer wellbeing?

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