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Ahh summer, the time of trips to the beach, beer gardens and sleeping in a tent in a muddy field that comes with attending a festival. Although I’m not attending one this year in prior years I have been an avid festival goer. I used to love nothing more than the thrill of live music. Now I have my daughter to consider and throwing that kind of money on a weekend in a field isn’t something I can afford to do but it really is one of my fondest memories of my early adult life.

So I’ve put together a post about packing for a festival, the old school way (well at least the 5 years ago way). These days I get so shocked at the fact I see girls dragging SUITCASES to festivals which completely defeats the point of to really enjoy a festival you do have to go 3 days without washing your hair. It’s also the only time it’s ever acceptable to remove your make up with a face wipe, and brush your teeth using water out of a water bottle. To prove you can still look fashionable at a festival I have packed one rucksack with all you need for the weekend and hey, guess what? IT ALL FITS! And now i’m going to show you what you need to take.

Cocktails in Teacups Packing for a Festival Fashion Blogger Primark Satchel Bag Yumi Aztec Dress Floral Crown

Cocktails in Teacups Packing for a Festival Fashion Blogger New Look festival range Joules Wellies brave Soul dress

Cocktails in Teacups Packing for a Festival Fashion Blogger HM Floral Smock New Look Kimono

Cocktails in Teacups Packing for a Festival Fashion Blogger Extras Boohoo Rain Coat

Right clothes. These days when summer rolls around stores generally offer clothing that is made for festival. It’s light, doesn’t hold creases and can be packed small. New Look has a fantastic festivals essential range, where I picked up the fab cream kimono (which is also going to be a Florida essential), the black floral smock (which is no longer on the site, sorry!) and the oversized sunglasses. The smock and kimono fold almost flat and neither of them crease due to the material. Not only that but the kimono actually folds so small that it fits in the bottom of the satchel!

So as you can see, my festival essentials include smock like dresses, a cover up, wellies with welly socks, a small bag that can hold the essentials and would be hard for someone to steal out of. I never bother taking anything of value, no jewellery at all. Instead I opt for a piece of head wear, the wrap is from Crown and Glory, I received it in one of my Glitterati boxes and the floral crown is again, from New Look. I choose pieces that allow me to have my hair down at the beginning of the weekend and tied up at the end when the only thing holding it together is dry shampoo.

I also take short pjs as my sleeping bag is like a cocoon, even in a tent it gets so hot! A sweater, one that can be thrown on over all of my dresses and a lightweight rain coat. This one I picked up before Disneyland Paris from Boohoo, it was so cheap and again it scrunches up small without getting creased. It ties perfectly around my bag or waist when it’s not being worn. If the weather is for it to be cold, I’d also have room to throw in a few pairs of crop leggings. I haven’t pictured underwear although they are a festival essential.. but lets face it, they hardly take up any room anyway.

Cocktails in Teacups Packing for a Festival Fashion Blogger Toiletry Bag Essentials

I always take a towel to a festival, if you’re brave enough to shower, good for you.. however I usually use it for feet, hands, even hair if it’s been raining. Then my toiletry bag has only the basics in; toothbrush and toothpaste, a hair brush, deodorant and suncream. For my face I have wipes (because lets face it, festivals are the only place it’s appropriate to clean your face with wipes), some Caudalie Beauty Elixir for when my skin needs a little pick me up, lipbalm and moisturiser. I rarely wear make up at festivals but I can’t recommend a BB cream with a high SPF factor enough, it covers all basis after all. Some shine reducing powder and a waterproof mascara are also the only other things I pack. Finally, dry shampoo, hair ties and bobby pins. All of this fits in the front pouch of my backpack. Also photographed here is a portable phone charger. I actually use mine for long haul flights these days but ensuring your phone has some charge is important if you want to keep in touch with your friends.

Cocktails in Teacups Packing for a Festival Fashion Bloggers

My sleeping bag also clips onto my bag like my sunglasses case. No need for a suitcase and you’re still looking flawless.. well you know at the start of the weekend!

I can’t emphasis enough the point about taking nothing valuable with you unless you plan on carrying it with you at all times. If you want a camera, take a disposable, ensure you have a small bag or pockets for your purse and phone. I even take clothes and toiletries that I wouldn’t be heartbroken about loosing. Why you make ask? A few years back at Leeds festival my then boyfriend had his shoes stolen… Yep, his shoes.

What do you pack for a festival?

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