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It’s been a while since I shared an outfit post, and even longer since I shared a post of what I typically wear on a “mummy day” (as in a day when I am solely being a parent and running after my toddler all day). Since we’re now into the school holidays every day is basically a mummy day and I didn’t realise how difficult it was to entertain a child all day. I’ve come to rely on those 3 hours a day she’s at pre-school! I’m trying to do something every single day but we’re only to day 4 and already i’m struggling to keep up with her! I take my hat off to the child care providers and teachers out there. Today I was heading over the border with my sister for a bit of a walk to let the kids run off steam and since my skin is a mess I opted for make up, despite basically rolling out of bed and shoving on whatever my hand came to first, which was jeggings and a t-shirt. Once upon a time I would never have worn anything like this, I didn’t even own any form of trousers, not even leggings but now for the fear of being indecent when running around a play park with my daughter I opt for trousers to avoid any inappropriate knicker flashing. Although I don’t own jeans I am very much into the jegging scene, even though I’m technically too short for regular length and too tall for petite, story of my life.

Cocktails in Teacups Outfit Post Primark The Little Mermaid T-Shirt New Look Kimono House of Fraser Leggings Red Converse Low Tops

Cocktails in Teacups Outfit of the Day Primark t-shirt Ariel New Look Crochet Kimono

Cocktails in Teacups Red Oxford Converse

Cocktails in Teacups What I Wore I Woke Up Like This Ariel T-Shirt

Cream Lace Kimono £17.99, New Look
“I Woke Up Like This” Ariel T-shirt £6, Primark
Phase Eight Jeggings £14.50, House of Fraser
Converse All Star Dainty Oxford* £39.99, Mastershoe

As I mentioned above, I really just went for whatever was comfortable but would also keep me warm as seaside towns are notorious for sea breezes (obviously). I picked up this Kimono the other week when New Look had an offer on festival wear as I wanted something I could take on holiday that would be light but also cover my chubby arms. Although I don’t feel kimonos are the most flattering piece of clothing out there, it does the job and it does make me feel less insecure about my hams. The t-shirt was a birthday gift from Hayley of Strangeness & Charm and I love it! I don’t own many t-shirts because in the past I haven’t had bottoms to wear them with however since these Phase Eight jeggings arrived I feel like I need a few more. Although these are jeggings they look so much more like jeans meaning I don’t need to be constantly on the search for a long top or tunic. They still have the stretch and feel of leggings though making them perfect for tea parties on my daughter’s bedroom floor or den building. To finish off the outfit I’ve gone for a simple pair of low top cons. I have always loved Converse as a shoe brand because they last so long and they’re so comfortable. I really cannot fault them. I’ve been after a pair of Oxfords for a while as they can be worn with skirts and dresses as well as trousers. These ones are from Mastershoe, an online store I’ve only just discovered but the site seems easy to navigate and the delivery was extra quick.

My hair is in desperate need of dying, it’s more auburn than red at the moment and although this probably isn’t the most fashionable or “me” thing in my wardrobe, it’s perfect for school holiday wear. Also, hayfever eyes. Urgh!

What is your go to outfit for comfort?

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