A New Look Wishlist

I have a small confession to make, after I came back from Florida in April I sold all but 3 of my Disney dresses.. Why? Because I despised pretty much all the photos taken of my out there. Not only did I look hot and sweaty (they had a heat wave the two weeks we went) but I looked bigger than I would like, especially my arms. God I hated my arms. All my dresses were sleeveless so there was my two hams on show. When posing in WDW you don’t get a second to adjust yourself, to make sure you’re posed in the most flattering way, especially when you have a small child that has taken a good 5 minutes of the character’s time. So on getting home I sold all the dresses I didn’t find very flattering and now I plan on buying a style that I know suits. After flicking through photos of myself, I’ve come to the conclusion I suit dresses with t-shirt length sleeves, that either go in at the waist or are a smock shape and definitely cover my post baby belly. Not only did I hate the way my arms looked, but the fact I wore t-bar shoes the whole time which made my legs look stumpy did nothing for my body shape. Basically what I’m saying is I need a whole new flattering holiday wardrobe.

Although I know over the next 50 days I’ll never be able to afford everything on this wishlist, I’m hoping to pick up a few bits and pieces that I’ll be happy to be photographed in. In the past I’ve had a love hate relationship with New Look as it’s one of the only clothing stores in my home town, however it’s so reasonably priced, especially if you find an exclusive discount code it’s where I do a lot of my shopping. I especially love the shoes range they have!

Florida Part 2

As you can see there are a few bits I have my eye on.. I’d like some better cabin luggage, kirby grips (because lets face it, they ALWAYS go missing) and a new beach towel. This mermaid one is a beauty, perfect for me as the Florida sun makes my hair BRIGHT red. Speaking of hair, I stupidly didn’t take a hat last time so I’m definitely investing in one this time, I always want a band that keeps my fringe off my face the days I don’t wear my hat. Footwear wise I’ve decided to go for slider and plimsoles, both I find comfortable and easy to walk in. And of course the dresses, I love that the bardot style has returned as the straps cover my arms at the fattest point! Also, you know me and all my patterns. Lets hope I can grab a few to take out with me over the next few weeks!

Do you have a particular style that you find most flattering in photos?

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