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Cocktails in Teacups How to Make Your Bedroom Truly Unique

Since when did our bedrooms become beige washouts? Don’t get me wrong, beige can be lovely (and so can Chinese lantern shades/IKEA desks etc.), but perhaps it’s time for something a little more exciting, and a little less run of the mill.

As part of my escape from my mediocre bedroom, I’ve been looking at ways to bring some individuality and character back into my favourite place in the house.

Bespoke bed
Whatever style or size of your bedroom; your bed is the focus of the room, right?
A custom made bed may seem a bit extravagant, but considering nearly a third of our lives are spent sleeping, why not spend it in something really spectacular?
Whether your style is opulent and traditional, or more contemporary and simplistic, a bespoke bed can transform an ordinary bedroom into a truly unique space. There are some great designs out there; And So To Bed has put together a gallery on luxury handmade beds that gives some imaginative ideas on different looks and features.

Statement lighting
Whether it’s for creating ambiance, getting ready for the day, or burning the midnight oil, statement lighting can really make an impact on a bedroom.
Vintage lamps and ornate chandeliers can really stand out against simple bed linens.  Or if you’re looking for a touch of glamour, Hollywood-style alphabet lighting can create a personalised glow.
For those on a budget, a twist on traditional lighting can work just as well. Fairy lights have long been used to create soft illumination in bedrooms, but for something a bit different, creating a headboard with string lights can make a gorgeous feature in your room.

Cocktail in Teacups Bedroom Interior Ideas

Eye-catching wall art
When it comes to wall art, the possibilities are endless.
Wall stickers with your favourite quotes or song lyrics can help get you motivated for the day, and is a quick way to add personality to your room.
If you’ve got a little more time, creating a feature wall with a gallery display of your favourite photos or pictures can also be effective. Hanging frames asymmetrically from floor to ceiling is a simple way to get a feeling of space too.

Less is more
One or two statement pieces is all it takes to make your bedroom unique and inviting. Whether you want to splash out on a beautiful custom bed, or create a DIY feature wall of your favourite family photos, giving your bedroom a bit of TLC now and again is definitely worth it.

 Have you got any ideas or tips for creating a unique bedroom?

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