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Cocktails in Teacups 5 Secrets That Will Make Your Party an Unforgettable One

Groovy music, yummy food, and a positive vibe… that’s all it takes to make an awesome party, right? Well, maybe. But for an unforgettable party, you need to go above and beyond.

Making sure every person – including you! – has a fantastic time is a mission. It doesn’t need to be an impossible one though. Here are five top tips to help you make your party worthy of the history books (or at least worthy of Facebook).

It’s All About the Guest List
Dull people do not make a dynamic party. It’s that simple. Putting your guest list together is perhaps the most important step in ensuring your party goes off with a bang. While you can hardly neglect to invite any of your closest friends just because they aren’t the most exciting people, it’s crucial that a healthy proportion of your attendees have interesting and/or fun personalities.

Strive for balance. Consider the personality types of your potential guests and make sure there aren’t too many that will clash. Don’t play it too safe though; a lot of energy and a little wildness are often the essential elements of an unforgettable social gathering.

Cocktails in Teacups 5 Secrets That Will Make Your Party an Unforgettable One Dressing Up

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You’re Never Too Old to Play Pretend
A creative theme can be the key to a party your guests will remember for a long, long time. You could take them to a galaxy far, far away or onto the deck of a pirate ship, plunge them into the scene of a murder mystery or invite them into a wintery wonderland. Set some time aside several days before the date to start decorating your party space to match your theme. Make sure everyone knows they are expected to participate. Set an example by crafting your own themed outfits or hiring them from a costume shop like Disguises.

Cocktails in Teacups 5 Secrets That Will Make Your Party an Unforgettable One Cocktail

Have a Signature Concoction
Whether it’s a specialty cocktail of yours or a delicious soup recipe handed down from your grandparents, include a signature beverage or food option at your party. If appropriate, make this item the focal point of your buffet or menu. There’s nothing particularly memorable about food that gets served at every other party (even if it is scrumptious), but a unique dish or drink will stay in people’s minds long after the consumption is complete.

Host a Pre-Party Party
Select a small group of your closest friends and arrange for them to arrive an hour-or-so earlier than the party is scheduled to begin. They can either help with the last couple of organisation tasks or just chill out and help you unwind from your preparation. It will also be great to have a few people already there when not-so-familiar guests begin arriving; this avoids the awkward first-guy-here feeling.

Treat Yourself
As much as you want your guests to enjoy your party, you need to have a good time too! The host who lets loose and interacts casually with their guests is much more memorable than the host who cooks, cleans, and keeps everyone else happy throughout the festivities. Once things have kicked off properly, let the role of host fade away and really engage with the awesome people you have gathered.

What’s your best secret for hosting a party no one will forget any time soon? What’s the best party you can remember and what made it such an unforgettable experience? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

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