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Every woman deserves a her very own shed – one where she can relax and unwind, enjoy some solitude, write and paint, binge watch her favourite shows or to just simply get away from the crowds. Yes, you heard that right, her very own shed. But not just any old tool shed at the end of the garden. Oh no. A modern twist on the almighty ‘man-cave’. A new trend that is sweeping the nation, She Sheds!

There are so many possible style options and uses for your new ‘woman-cave’, they’re stylish and versatile and provide a hub of sanctuary for the modern woman. So why not indulge yourself and have a private, personal space to escape to when you’re in need of some extra me-time.

Create Your Perfect She Shed
Many women have already grabbed hold of the the idea and are leading the way with some fabulous chic shed designs. But there’s still plenty of time to be part of the shed revolution! Perhaps these forerunners will give you some inspiration for your new She Shed project.

Style and comfort is a fundamental aspect of your new pad. Make sure you add a personal touch by incorporating the aspects that are most important to you. Also, if you’re converting an existing shed, you may not have ample natural light to really make the space desirable, so perhaps think about fitting some larger windows.



Or how about trying a more shareable approach with your very own Shedquarters.

Of course, no one’s forcing you to share the space, but with these marvelous, sort of mini-homes you’ll have plenty of room to be together or apart, for work and play. Originally conceptualised to provide space-efficient work pads, Shedquarters are perfect for maintaining privacy and enabling you to work uninterrupted. But they’re not all about work, they can be designed to be cosy and stylish, with studios and relaxing areas, but all still compact enough to fit in your backyard! Be as small or as grand as you like, it could be a single room designed as a home office or could be a multi-room, multi-storey fort like structure designed  as a private all-round getaway; just perfect for housing guests or even for older kids still living at home.

Add extra functional yet desirable design elements to really create a high-end stylised space. Perhaps some bi-folding doors that open up the whole structure and could lead out onto a patio or decked area, which would be perfect for that extra summer fun.



Down Your Local
Finally, if the She Shed and Shedquarters weren’t enough to get your shed juices flowing and convince you that they’re so much more than just storage rooms, then how about designing your very own Shed Pub in your backyard?

A guaranteed crowd pleaser; without a doubt you’d be the hottest local in your neighbourhood. These shed designs are absolutely perfect for relaxing in after a hard days work and there’s no better way to socialise with your closest pals than in your very own pub. You can even design and make your own.  Be sure to put your stamp on it and customise the premises with designs that reflect your own personal interests. Perhaps you could have a sports themed pub, or a tropical island paradise bar, or even a replica of the Queen Vic or Rovers Return! Reflecting whatever is important and enjoyable to you will have everyone talking and guarantee you’ve created a space you want to spend as much time in as possible.



If you’re tempted by the idea of having your very own chic shed to work or play in, then check out some of these helpful, practical suggestions and tips to get you started.

Whatever your budget or needs, there are ways to convert your existing outdoor shed or to construct a new design that is perfect for you and the people in your life. There’s never been a better excuse to start rummaging around at the bottom of the garden, and no need to complain ever again that you can’t escape and catch a moments peace. All that can be solved by investing a little time, effort and money into your very own home away from home, or a local that’s never been so local, and all just a few steps away. And you never know, you might even be crowned with the next shed of the year title!

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