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Following from my post the other day about my favourite piece of tech, here is some information that really gave me food for thought.


Technology, as one might expect, is moving forward and developing at a staggeringly fast pace, bringing us all manner of abilities and experiences that were, up until very recently, confined to the pages of science fiction writers. Virtual reality headsets, computers you can use wherever you are, levitating vehicles, wearable technology; all of these things are either available or fast becoming reality, but one question needs to be answered; do we really need them?

Mobile Devices
Smartphones and tablets have revolutionised the way in which we conduct business, entertain ourselves and communicate with one another, however are they really all that useful? Yes, the ability to play casino games outside of a casino on sites like EuroPalace is a lot of fun and is doing a fair bit to break down entertainment-based class barriers, but some of the more deleterious effects of smartphones; social networking addiction, communicating only through digital means, being glued to the screen 24/7, etc; aren’t the best things for society or human beings themselves. Perhaps we need to take a more measured approach to our use of mobile technology?

Virtual Reality
The object of excitement for any schoolchild, virtual reality games and experiences are less than a year away from commercialisation with products such as Sony’s Morpheus, Facebook’s Oculus Rift, and Google’s Cardboard being hurriedly developed. Isn’t VR a little strange, though? In an age when more and more people are finding an escape from the pressures of the world in their computers, do we really want to tempt fate and provide a way for downtrodden people to completely escape from real life?

In development by both Hendo and Lexus, hoverboards that work via the principle of magnetic repulsion are rapidly being developed. The problem with these prototypes, however, is that they require superconducting magnets (very expensive) and metal roads, neither of which would translate particularly well to a commercial product. Still though, flying cars and hoverboards would be exceptionally cool if these hurdles could be surmounted.

Wearable Tech
Devices such as Apple’s Watch and the many fitness bracelets that are currently on the market have been released to great fanfare, but are they really as generation-defining as tech companies make them out to be? The answer is probably not. With bendy and see-through screens and computers being developed, people in the near future will probably only see the current selection of wearables as a stop-gap between the smartphones of today and the wonder devices of tomorrow. Our verdict: a waste of cash!

What do you think about our most modern of technologies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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