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Little Miss Cosplays, Part Two

So last week I shared three of Little Miss’ outfits, or cosplays for when we go to WDW next month. One of her favourite parts of our trip in April was dressing like a princess every day, well a princess or Wendy Darling. Because of this we’re taking it to another level in September. I’m incredibly blessed to know fantastic seamstresses who have have made LM some wonderful outfits for her to wear. Some are pretty accurate, others are altered to make them wearable in the Florida sun. LM spends a lot of time dressing up, so being able to walk around the parks dressed up is something she thoroughly enjoys. She also enjoys having her photo taken, so as I said last week, none of this is forced, it’s something she really enjoys doing. Although she’s only just getting into accessories, she really loves props and acting out scenes which do take for some fun photographs.

This week I’m sharing what I call her “Brit pack” we have Wendy Darling, Jane Porter and Alice. The Wendy dress is actually inspired by Wendy’s dress in Dream Along with Mickey, and is actually one of my absolute favourites from the park however HOPEFULLY she’ll have a standard Wendy dress to alternate with, and possibly a second Dream Along with Mickey version. I do just love it that much.

Bespoke Dream Along with Mickey Wendy Dress blog


Dream Along with Mickey Magic Kingdom Wendy Cosplay blog

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Wendy Darling Toddler Cosplay blog

Since I mentioned Wendy above, I thought i’d start with this one. For the Dream Along with Mickey castle show at Magic Kingdom, Wendy wears a fancier version of her night gown, and I love it. I love the colour and the details. I mentioned this to Claire who runs The Princess and the Frock, the shop little Miss fronts the Fairytale collection for and next thing you know she’s sending me fabric to choose. Although it isn’t 100% accurate, if you’re a die hard Magic Kingdom fan you’ll recognise it straight away and it looks wonderful! I love Claire’s dresses because they’re always her own spin on something, I particular love this dress is because it’s quite roomy (I had to tie ribbon around it) meaning LM will still fit it in October 2016! The hair bow I made myself, it’s definitely the first and last bow I make as it was such a stress but it looks good with the dress. Her little Peter Pan doll was a gift from one of our friends out in Florida, LM has carried it with her every day since we left and sleeps with it. It’s like a talisman for her boyfriend. I cannot wait for her to finally be reunited with Peter Pan, not only am I going to be completely choked up, but I’m pretty sure she’ll have an audience. Fingers crossed we manage to get a hold of a few more Wendy dresses, as some days she manages to see that lost boy 3/4 times and refuses to wear anything other than a Wendy dress!

Little Jane Porter Tarzan Cosplay blog

Little Jane Porter Cosplay Child Tarzan BlogToddler

Little Jane Porter Cosplay

Extra Sweet Bowtique Bow Jane Porter blog

Litttle Jane Porter Childs Cosplay blog

This is also a bespoke Princess and the Frock piece. It’s something I have wanted for LM for a while especially after she became slightly obsessed with Peter Pan and Wendy and we already own an Alice dress.. I just felt we needed the other main English Disney girl. When my sister and I were kids we idolised Jane, my sister especially so she holds a special place in our hearts. The dress has been adapted to make it more suitable for Florida weather, it’s not as huge (because it doesn’t have a hoop skirt) and she won’t be wearing boots with it. I will however be picking up a customised parasol from Magic Kingdom on our first day because this is the dress she’ll be wearing to Animal Kingdom later on in the week. Her bow is another one from Extra Sweet Bowtique, Amber is such a star and popped it in with an order I placed months ago. I’ve gone for a bow because I really don’t think she’ll keep the hat on long (which if you were wondering is from eBay, I just searched for “Safari Hat” then stuck some ribbon around it). It’s not that it’s heavy, she just really isn’t a huge fan of hats, the amount of times I had to plonk one on her head last time was ridiculous, which is another reason we’re investing in a parasol this time!

Little Alice in Wonderland Cosplay Text blog

Alice in Wonderland Childs Cosplay

Alice in Wonderland Toddler Child Cosplay

Little Alice in Wonderland blog

Little Alice in Wonderland Cosplay details blog

Finally, we have Alice in Wonderland. This is actually a dress I bought her for Christmas for our last trip however after an hours wear at breakfast it was covered in strawberries meaning it didn’t even see a park! I was so sad as it’s one of my favourites. This is the first dress I bought from Heartfelt Costumes almost a year ago and I guess it made me a life long customer. I love how well made it is, I love the fit and I love the details. It also has the most wonderful built in petticoat meaning it moves just like Alice’s dress. I’m not the only one who loves this one, it’s probably one of Little Miss’ favourites as I had to prize it off her back after we took photos. I wish it came in my size. What makes it more awesome is LM looks like an Alice. The hairband is one from eBay but we’ve had to buy a second one as this one has “spikes” in it. The dress did come with a hairband but it was an elasticated one that LM can’t keep in yet.

Now, just to get our hands on a Merida dress (Scottish) and an Eilonwy dress (Welsh) so we’re really representing the Brits!

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