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A Wednesday Wishlist Thomas Sabo Cocktails in Teacups

Now I’m getting older I feel i’m past those kitsch pieces of jewellery I favoured in my late teens and early twenties. Gone is the perspex and the beads, gone are the arrays of colours. As I head well into my late twenties I’m finding myself more drawn to the simple but still statement pieces. One piece of jewellery that I’m really getting a lot of pleasure out of is the charm bracelets. I already have two Pandora bracelets, one is completely full and weighs a ton so I only wear it on special occassions. The other is my Disney Pandora bracelet which I’m only putting on charms I buy while in WDW. This means I no longer have a charm bracelet that friends and family can buy charms for. I’ve been on the look out for a while for something different to the other two and after seeing Hayley’s Thomas Sabo bracelet I’ve come to the decision I want one of my own.

Silver Tree Jewellery have a wonderful selection of Thomas Sabo bracelets and charms which has inspired me to create my ultimate charm bracelet for this Wednesday Wishlist.
Thomas Sabo Bracelet Wednesday Wishlist

Bracelet wise I’ve gone for the Charm Club Charm Bracelet RRP £45, I like the fact that it has 5 spaces to hang charms from and they’re nicely spaced out which would stop the bracelet from becoming too heavy and also stop all the charms from being pulled down to one side by gravity. I also like the fact the actual chain of the bracelet isn’t too chunky, it’s quite delicate which is exactly what I’m going for now I’m closing in on my 30s.

As this bracelet takes five charms I thought I’d share my five charm picks with you. I wanted to choose charms that would represent my personality and life and as their was such a huge selection on the Silver Tree Jewellery website I found it difficult to choose just five, but never mine, I did it and here are my five winners and why I selected them;

First up, the Plane Charm RRP £21.95. Another huge part of my personality is wanderlust and my need to constantly know where I’m exploring next. Some of my greatest achievements have been traveling to different places on my own and now traveling places on my own with Little Miss. I love traveling by any means and I think the plane charm represents that well.

Next up is the Statue of Liberty Charm RRP £29.95. I was torn between this one and the Eiffel Tower, however in the end I went with Lady Liberty because not only does she represent my love for New York, she represents my love of the USA and she also represents freedom. Twice I have visited New York after a break up and I always make a point of seeing the statue. It really drives home how much freedom you get after leaving a bad relationship.

Of course I had to go with the Cat Charm RRP £35. I am 100% a cat person and ever since I was a little girl I have LONGED for a pet cat. Last year that dream finally came true when I adopted our beautiful ragdoll cat, Elsa. She is a huge part of my life and like my second baby. I love her so much. I also love how this charm comes with a cute rose gold mouse attached which really makes it different from the other cat charms on the market.

The Frog Charm RRP £60. I’m actually really terrified of real frogs, however this one is a cute one but it’s the fact it also comes with a crown, standing for a frog prince, and representing the Fairytale side of my personality (if my brain had islands like in Inside Out, I’d definitely have a fairytale/Disney one). I think it would mean even more to me due to the fact I’m still on the hunt for my prince, which means no doubt I’ll end up kissing a lot more frogs!

And if I was having a charm for Elsa, I need to have one for Little Miss, so I’ve gone with this Mum Charm RRP £39.95. Although I never ever consider being a mum a job, I do think it is the thing I’m most proud of doing and it’s the thing that takes top priority in my life. My decision to go self employed was a lot to do with the fact I didn’t want to miss a moment of LM growing up, even if it means I’m til the early hours of the morning working then up again early to be a mum.

What Thomas Sabo charms do you think best represent your personality?

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