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Cocktails in Teacups Regenerate Enamel Science Review

I’m just going to all out say it, I’m afraid of the dentist. Not just afraid, but petrified. I had a really bad experience as a child and teen (and it’s not surprising since my Orthodontist has actually been struck off for making some terrible mistakes as far as his patience have been concerned.) I have large teeth and a tiny mouth, which of course lead to some crazy problems, that’s treatment has left me mentally scarred. But I won’t lie, I would love a movie star smile.. But who wouldn’t? Although I did have braces, they weren’t put on properly or for long enough leaving my teeth still pretty messy, no only that but one of my front ones were damaged by the brackets again due to being put on incorrectly. I was one of the first kids in my school to get braces and I was teased mercilessly, if I could correct the mistakes as an adult I would definitely opt for the invisalign system, braces that are barely visible! Gosh I wish they’d been around when I was a kid. Despite being incredibly terrified of the dentist, I think these days I’d give something like invisalign a shot if it was guaranteed it would sort of my mess of a mouth.

So of course, because i’m so afraid of the dentist, I’m always on the look out for products that will help look after my teeth. Being someone who does like to partake in Disney cosplay, I do want to have a white “princess” smile. But whiteness is only one of the things to consider when looking after your teeth. It’s not generally understood that 80% of common problems like yellowing and cavities can be caused by acid attack and enamel erosion. Enamel erosion is something that happens to everyone and can’t really be helped as it’s caused by every day food items such as fizzy drinks and even fruit and veg. The problem is that once we’ve lost that outer layer of enamel our body cannot reproduce it but I’ve been lucky enough to trial a new product that can help reverse the early and often invisible signs of enamel erosion.

Cocktails in Teacups Regenerate Enamel Science First Impressions

Cocktails in Teacups Regenerate Boosting Serum Review

Cocktails in Teacups Beauty Blog Fenwick Regenerate Enamel Science

Regenerate Enamel Science consists of an Advance Toothpaste* for everyday brushing and a Boosting Serum* for monthly boosts. Not only does this system offer you the chance to regenerate enamel, but it also claims to strength against cavities and restore teeth to their original whiteness. So of course, I was in. I’ve so far been using the tooth paste for a week and I’ve done one boosting session which consists of using the serum for three nights in a row before going to bed. As of yet I haven’t see a massive change but my teeth do feel less sensitive which I’m hoping is due to the reconstruction of the enamel.

Apparently the secret behind Regenerate is “its unique, patented NR-5 technology, inspired by the scientific findings in bone repair” fancy huh? Thanks to this NR-5 a new supply of minerals integrates into the teeth which cases the enamel to regenerate if used enough. Yes, it does sound very scientific and complicated but I’m hoping this will help keep my teeth in tip top shape and avoid the dentist for a few more years. I can still proudly say that at 27 I have still never needed a filling and the only toothache i’ve experienced is my wisdom teeth growing in (that’s pretty agonising though, right?)

In it’s first 90 days post launch Regenerate has become the number one selling toothpaste in both Boots and Selfridges so it must be living up to it’s name for other people not just me! The toothpaste retails for £10 a tube which lasts as long as a regular tube of toothpaste if you brush twice a day and the Boosting Serum is a little more on the pricy end at £30. However it comes with custom fit mouth trays and since you only use it 3 days a month I can see it going far. And at the end of the day, when you think of how much a dentist bill as an adult, £30 once every 6 months is nothing if it’s going to help protect your teeth!

Regenerate Enamel Science Dental Care System

There is a new counter coming to Fenwick Newcastle, be sure you head along to find out what all the fuss is about!

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