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We all have those times where we’re a little bit strapped for cash. Maybe you’ve been paid late, or an unexpected bill, or maybe you stupidly turned all your money into dollars a week before your holiday meaning you had nothing to live on for that week… Oh wait, that’s just me.. And this is where Lending Works come in to help, finding you a loan with a better rate than you would find if you went through a bank.

Firstly a little background information. Lending Works was started in 2012 by Nicholas Harding and Matthew Powell, both of which come from a background in money. In 2015 the company received a Moneywise Award for Customer Service and has been rated highly on Trust Pilot. It is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, meaning you know the company is having to adhere to a robust set of rules and principles. Lending Works has also been featured in The Guardian, The Independent and the Financial Times.


Lending Works offer peer to peer lending. What’s that I hear you ask? It means you can either borrow money or if you have it, lend money out yourself to people who need to borrow it. If you wish to borrow money it offers great flexibility in ways and amounts to pay it back. For the people lending it offers insurance (very important when dealing with money) and something called auto lend which allows you to lend out again straight after you have been paid back. Lending Works acts as the go between for both parties and is also the first peer to peer lending platform that offer something that insures against cyber crime, fraud and borrow default.


If this sounds like something you’d be interested in trying, whether it be to borrow or lend sign up only takes a couple of minutes. All the information is available on the website too so you understand 100% what you’re getting into. Lending Works is an excellent and safe way to borrow or lend money as you know they have your back.

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