Great Back to School Gift Ideas*

Next Tuesday LM goes back to school after having her first ever six weeks summer holidays. The last two years she’s continued to go to pre-school over the summer because we paid. Now she’s on the three year old funding that only applies during term time. It’s been long. I remember when it first started and we were both excited, fresh faced and full of ideas. 6 weeks down the line we have done every activity we could think of, and I’m ready for working during the day (rather at night in my PJs when I’m running on coffee, like tonight) and LM is ready for a structured set of the day and time with all her friends. I love LM, don’t get me wrong, but we’re both ready to get back to some normality.

At the beginning of the summer I promised LM that if she was well behaved at the end of the six weeks I’d buy her something as a reward. Throughout the six weeks, I have avoided rewarding good behavior with toys, or by buying stuff. Instead we’ve done something she wanted, be it soft play, watch a movie together or go to the park. She has had the odd thing, Tsum Tsums mainly, and some books from a charity shop. Originally I was going to pick her something, but instead I’ve decided to surprise her on Monday night when we’re doing all the “back to school” prep. I want it to be school related though so I’ve been browsing the net. Here are my favourite ideas so far;

Back to School Gift Ideas

My first idea is a book about going to school. Since visiting the library this summer, LM has really gotten into the Lucky Wish Mouse series which is why I’ve gone for this particular book. Getting it in hardback and even inscribing the front would be a lovely idea. The are absolutely loads of back to school or starting school books out there so you could simply choose one that would appeal to the child you’re buying it for. Next is a sweet plush rucksack in the shape of a bear from House of Fraser. LM loves wearing her backpack on her back on the walk to school, it’s almost like a badge of pride (bless her). Perhaps getting a cute plush backpack would be right up her street, there are a few others available and they’re currently on sale for £12! LM loves her Disney Princess Vans but they’ve taken a bit of a battering this summer (they’re in the washing machine as I type this) so I know she’d really appreciate another pair from the Disney x Vans range and i’d love to get her the Winnie the Pooh ones, if not for back to school, definitely for Christmas! Although LM doesn’t need a pencil case just yet for school, she does love a new one since she really is into colouring in at the moment. It would be nice for her to have her first ever Disney Store one as a going back to school gift. Disney Store currently has all their back to school bits on 3 for 2 as well! Finally, although she will be going back to school, it is only for a few hours a day, I’ll still have the rest of the time to entertain her. We’ve exhausted all her colouring books and activity packs over the summer so it would be great to treat her to a new one. I might be done with Frozen but she sure isn’t!

Whatever I get her, I know it will be appreciated. What would you get for a child going back to school or getting ready for their very first day?

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