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When it comes to fashion, I’m a firm believer that accessories are what makes an outfit. When I’m at home all day with my little girl, I won’t usually bother adding too many accessories. A t-shirt and jeans are fine for chasing after a toddler! But when I’m getting a bit more dressed up, some stylish accessories are a must. However, some people are unsure about accessorizing and either don’t bother or go overboard. So I’m here to come to the rescue! If you don’t know where to start with jewellery, scarves and belts, I can help you save the day.

Take the Last Thing Off
This tip is an old one but a good one. You might have heard a quote attributed to Coco Chanel that says you should take off one item before you walk out the door. I completely agree with her, as we so often have a tendency to go a bit too far. When you’ve finished dressing and accessorizing, looking in the mirror and take off one thing. It doesn’t have to be the first thing you reach for. You could experiment with removing different items to see which leaves your outfit balanced.

Focus on Hands and Wrists
When you’re getting ready to go out to work or to socialise with some friends, think about putting something on your hands or arms. You could wear some statement rings or a bracelet, and watches are both stylish and practical. Having accessories near your hands will get people’s attention when you’re talking and gesturing. It helps them to focus on you and it also means you can show off what you’re wearing without being obvious. You might noticed that you get a lot more compliments. Don’t go overboard with rings, a watch and bracelets though or it will just swamp your hands.

Cocktails in Teacups Fashion Content My Recommendations for Accessorizing Like a Pro

Focus on Earrings or a Necklace – Not Both
Some people might say you should wear either earrings or a necklace but never wear both. I think it’s fine to put both on, but you need to be careful they’re not overwhelming. If you have a large pair of statement earrings, you don’t want to have a massive necklace on at the same time. And what about matching earrings and necklaces? Well, it can look a little tacky and even make you look like a little girl (or an old lady). But it can also look classy, especially when you match something like pearls or diamonds.

Accessorize for the Season
One of the best things about accessorizing is that you can change with the seasons. In summer, you can have a pair of sunglasses and a floppy hat. As it gets cooler, you can get out your scarves and gloves. If you’re not sure where to start with your accessories, think about the weather and what’s suitable.

Getting your accessories right isn’t rocket science. As long as you like the way you look, you can walk out the door with smile. Which is the most important accessory!

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