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When it comes to designing your daughter a new bedroom, it can be hard to choose the perfect design. Should you opt for fairies and princesses, or should you go for a design that’s more neutral?

As parents, we don’t want to surround our children by gender stereotypes, we want our children to make their own decisions. Pink used to be for girls and blue used to be for boys, but today, that’s all changed.


While some girls do love castles and princesses, others love playing with diggers and trucks, every little girl is different. That’s why, when it comes to creating your little one a bedroom she’ll love, it’s important to take her personality into account. Or, if she’s too young to tell you what she likes, it’s best to opt for a bedroom design that’s more neutral.

To help you create a bedroom that your daughter will love, here are my top tips:

Ask your daughter what she wants
If your daughter is old enough to tell you what she likes, ask her what sort of bedroom she would like. Think about the types of toys she plays with and what TV programmes she likes, and come up with some ideas to link to them.

If, for example, your daughter is princess mad, ask her if she would like a princess-themed bedroom. Or, if she loves creepy crawlies and nature, ask her if she would like a nature-themed bedroom.

Asking your daughter what type of bedroom she wants is a great way to include her in redecorating her room. Plus, it will ensure that you choose a theme for her bedroom that she loves.

Make her room fun
If you want your daughter to love her new bedroom, making it a fun place is crucial. There are lots of different ways that you can do this, from using chalkboard paint so that she can draw on the walls, to investing in a themed bed.

You should be able to get chalkboard paint in a range of colours from your local DIY store, or from online DIY sites. You can pick up themed kids beds at cuckooland and other specialist bed designers, so you have lots of options.

You may struggle with ideas for making your daughter’s bedroom fun, if you do, take inspiration from bedroom designs online. In a few short years, your daughter will be all grown up, so making her room as special for her as possible while she’s young is important.

Don’t forget to add educational elements
Younger children love learning, so adding educational elements to your daughter’s bedroom is a real must. There are so many fantastic educational toys on the market, so you have lots of choice.

As well as adding educational toys, you could also consider adding educational wall games and posters. You can pick up wall spelling games and counting games online, so make sure to check these out.

It can be hard knowing the best design for your daughter’s new bedroom, but if you ask her, you should be able to create a space that she loves.

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