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When I plan my family holidays, I have to get organised well in advance. Choosing a holiday that’s suitable for both me and my daughter isn’t easy. I have to think about her first, but try and fit in some things I want to see and do too. It’s a family holiday, after all, not a kids’ holiday! Some parents struggle to find a balance where both the children and parents get to have their own fun. Mums and dads love spending time with our children. But it doesn’t mean we want to spend the whole time riding roller-coasters. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of family-fun parks and resorts. Here’s how to make your holiday enjoyable for adults and kids.

Take the Kids on Grown-up Outings
Parents often tend to plan their whole holiday around the kids. Of course, you want them to have fun, and you don’t want a week of tantrums. But it’s your holiday too. You don’t have to spend it eating in family restaurants and watching children’s entertainers. If you usually take the kids on more adult activities, there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same while you’re away. Go to museums, have nice meals out and set standards of behaviour wherever you go. You still need to keep them happy, though. That means engaging them in the food and conversation when you’re eating out. If you visit museums, you have to choose ones they’ll find interesting.

Explore the Great Outdoors
If there’s one thing that both adults and children can get behind, it’s being outside. If you’re an outdoorsy person, you can share that love of nature with your kids. Take a beach setting, for example. You can walk along the beach and admire the sea on one side and cliffs on the other. Meanwhile, the children can explore the rockpools. If you visit somewhere with a lot of forest, the kids can go on a scavenger hunt, spot wildlife and build dens.

Cocktails in Teacups Holiday with other Families

Go with Other Families
Sometimes all you need is a bit of adult company and some friends for the kids to play with. Going away with another family is an excellent idea because you get to socialize outside of your little circle. The kids can entertain each other and so can the adults. Another idea is to look at all-inclusive holidays in resorts. You’ll find lots of activities for both parents and children so that you can get to know other holidaymakers.

Use a Babysitter
There’s nothing wrong with hiring a babysitter for a night off when you’re on holiday. You do it at home, so why shouldn’t you get some time to yourself when you’re away? Many hotels and resorts will offer babysitting services. Another option is to send the kids off to an activity club for the day, so you can do something they would find boring.

Holidays don’t have to centre around only the children or adults. You can all have a great time if you find the right balance.

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