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This year, my family holiday was great, and the reason it was great is that I prepared in advance! Here’s how;

I’m one of those people who have to plan everything out in advance, and it always works for me! It’s too much of a risk to go off on a family holiday without first having a solid plan in mind. Yes, you might tell me that improvisation can be fun. But believe me, it’s not when you have children to think about.

First of all, I planned the destination and booked the hotel well in advance, but that’s not all. I also had a look around at what there was to do in the local area. Knowing how you’re going to fill each day spares you having to discuss it frantically over breakfast in the hotel. It allows me to relax a little more too.

As we all know, booking a holiday, hotel and flights isn’t where the spending stops; that’s where it begins. You have to search the shops looking for all the things that will make the holiday enjoyable. All that costs eventually adds up, especially when you have a family to think about and kids to keep happy.

You have to buy strong sunscreen, swimming costumes, games for them to play on the beach. I always make sure I treat myself too though. I have to buy plenty of books to read in the faint hope that I’ll be able to relax enough to read them on the beach. This year, I also transitions lenses so I wouldn’t have to switch my glasses and sunglasses all the time.

Checklists are my way of making sure that nothing is forgotten or left behind. It’s really easy to forget something vital and then spend the rest of your holiday regretting your mistake. I’ve done this before, so now I make sure that I stick to my checklist religiously. And I’d recommend everybody do the same!

This is especially important when you’re packing your bags. You don’t want to make the mistake of buying all the things you need and then forgetting to pack them in your bag. Imagine being one of those people who turns up at the airport only to realise that you’ve forgotten your passport. That’d be my nightmare scenario.



Travel insurance is something I always make sure I have before going abroad. It gives you a safety net and extra peace of mind, and that makes it worth spending money on in my opinion. There are lots of benefits to having an insurance policy for you and your family as well.

When you go to a foreign country, the chances are that you won’t be covered by their health system. This can lead to you having to pay huge bills if you don’t have an insurance policy to cover you in the case of an emergency. Of course, most of us don’t have to see a doctor when on holiday, but there’s always that possibility.

Preparation is vital when you’re going on holiday with the family, and this is how I completed my preparation.

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