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Little Miss Cosplays, Part Three

Today I’m sharing another three of Little Miss’ Cosplays that she’ll be wearing to either Walt Disney World this month or Disneyland Paris next month. It’s getting harder and harder to pick just a few photos from each mini shoot, she seems to be getting more and more into it. Especially if there are props involved. I’d say so far, Alice and Belle have been her two favourite to photograph because of the vast array of props! I’m so glad I started photographing her outfits because I’ve been setting up play dates while we’re over there with Disney mum’s, so our kids will be coordinating! Plus, she’s growing like a mushroom so I bet half of these don’t even fit by the time we next head out. It’s a nice way to keep them all to look back on!

All the dresses i’m sharing today are by the wonderful Heartfelt Costumes. I love these dresses so much, mainly because of the length. This has become a bit of a trademark LM style, especially among Heartfelt Costumes designs, so much so that there will be more “Shirley Temple” styles available from October. Although I do like the classic full length (or longer length ones), the fact these ones are shorter is great for keeping LM cool and making it easy for her to run around. She does have a fair few long ones so it’s nice to have these ones to swap into when the day is at it’s most hottest.

Belle Cosplay Toddler blog

Toddler Belle Beauty and the Beast Cosplay

Belle Town Dress Childs Cosplay

Toddler Dressing Up Cosplay Belle Heartfelt Costumes blog

Belle Cosplay Town Dress Blog

First up, we have Belle’s blue town dress. There is an ulterior motive behind this dress. Last time LM point blank refused to go see Gaston. She has a thing about “baddies” and thinks they’re “naughty” so she won’t even entertain meeting them (tough cheese this time though since we’re attending MNSSHP where we’re all meeting villains and she’ll blooming well like it!), which of course Gaston fell into that category sadly. Since she has this weird obsession with meeting the characters that match the outfit she’s wearing, I’m hoping Belle’s dress will coax her into meeting Gaston. She knows he loves Belle, so fingers crossed! It’s one of the sucky things about being a single mum, it’s not like I can leave her with an other half while I go check out Gaston for myself! As I mentioned above, this was one of her favourite because she could pose with a book (it’s my hard back copy of Peter Pan haha), her basket and the magic mirror. She’s more like Belle than she even realises, she loves to read, she’s independent and knows her own mind.

Toddler Cosplay Fa Mulan blog

Mulan Child Disney Kids Costume blog

Fa Mulan Disney Inspired Child Costume blog

Mulan Cosplay Heartfelt Costumes Blog

Liv Aug 2015

Being a returning customer to Heartfelt Costumes means you can enter the competitions that are often held on Facebook. Despite them usually being held the early hours of the morning in the UK, due to my insomnia I’m actually still awake, and because of this I’ve won LM a few designs, this Mulan one included. I had no idea what it would look like prior to arriving but LM instantly fell in love with it, due to the colour scheme, pink and purple are her favourite. I think it’s a brilliant take on Mulan, usually i’m not a fan due to the skirt being very straight where as with LM being only 3, I still prefer her in girly looking skirts. I even managed to pick up a Cri-Kee from a Disney facebook group for £4 and she’s carried him around for the past three days. I love when dresses I’d never have expected to be a hit are but she really is one of those kids who is grateful for everything.

Kids can Cosplay Disney Toddler Tinkerbell blog

Stinkerbell Tink Cosplay Disney Little Girl blog

Toddler Cosplay Disney Tinkerbell blog

Tinkerbell Child Cosplay Dressing Up Halloween Blog

Tinkerbell Cosplay Child blog

Finally for today, we have Tinkerbell. Although Little Miss completely hero worships Wendy, she is 100% a Tinkerbell, or more accurately, a Stinkerbell. So in honour of this, and the fact we both love Peter Pan for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, when both adults and children can go to the parks fully dressed up we’re doing Wendy and Tinkerbell. LM already has the pout down to the ground and I managed to pick her up a Tinkerbell trick or treat bag from the Disney Store. I made her shoes myself, which I’m pretty darn proud of so all together they cost me about a fiver as the jelly shoes were dirt cheap on eBay. My Wendy dress is being handmade by my best friend Bee who runs Closet Geek and it’s looking amazing! I really can’t wait to do this duo as it’ll be the first time ever we’ve both dressed up together. It could be interesting!

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