A Visit to Lapland*

Recently on Facebook one of my friends asked what age you think it appropriate to take a child to visit Santa Claus in Lapland. For me, it’s very like a Disney holiday as it’s taking your child to see a fictional character they either believe to be real or not. At the moment, LM see’s all Disney characters as the real deal, and I feel if I invested in taking her to see Santa Claus in Lapland she’d feel the same way. Of course, like with a lot of things I read on the internet it got me thinking about the possibility in taking Little Miss on a truly Christmassy adventure, and whether or not I could make this an actuality. I feel that LM will still believe in Santa Claus for a few more years so there is still time before the magic has disappeared completely. I feel I probably have until she’s 7, giving me another 3 & a half years to save towards this once in a lifetime excursion.

Lapland as a winter holiday destination is becoming more and more popular these days. I know a fair few parents who have embarked on holidays to the snowy north so their child can experience the true Christmas magic and from the stories and photos, it looks wonderful and something regardless of your child’s age that will melt even the most frozen of hearts (see what I did there haha?) Lapland, in case you were unsure, is Finland’s northern most region, it borders Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic sea, so I’m sure you can imagine just how cold it can get, but doesn’t the snow add to the Christmas feel? After all we’re all always harping on about a white Christmas! Many holidays offer tours of Santa’s Secret Grotto and the Elf School which is actually based indoors at Santapark and to me, this looks like the place childhood dreams are born (much like Magic Kingdom). It really would be a once in a lifetime trip to see where the man himself lives and works. I can already picture Little Miss’ face, the look of awe would no doubt have me in tears (I’m the sentimental type).


However, if you feel like ALL THE CHRISTMAS, isn’t exactly how you’d want to spend your whole holiday, Lapland also has one of the natural phenomenon’s that is firmly on a lot of people’s bucket list.. the Northern Lights. There are even open roofed resorts that allow you to lie in a hot tub while watching them. Now that is definitely something for us parents! Don’t forget about the chance to ski, or snowboard.. or something I’m desperate to try, take a ride on a dog sled (I read about it in a Belinda Jones book, Winter Wonderland, I’m already picturing myself meeting a Kristoff type guy who owns a lot of huskies!)


If you still don’t think a whole holiday to Lapland is up your street, you can actually find day trips as it’s such a short flight. But you know me.. I’d have to make a whole adventure of it, so it’s definitely on the cards, watch this space!

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