A Get Well Soon Wishlist*

If you follow me on social media you’ll know I’ve had a flu like virus since Saturday night. It was to be expected really as it’s just the pre-school verson of freshers flu. LM went back to nursery on Tuesday and by Friday night she was full of cold, peaking at her worst on Saturday but now she’s just left with a cough and a runny nose. On the other hand I’m practically bed bound. I never get sickness but when I get a cold, it’s never just a cold. I spent the best part of today in bed sleeping and now i’ve got to the point where I’m too sick to get up, but I’ve slept so much I can’t sleep anymore. My face also hurts too much to move far due to sinus pressure. So instead I’ve put together a wishlist to help me feel better. Although I’m off on holiday next week and I still have a few bits I want to pick up in this country. Not even just for the trip, just because I generally want them. Don’t we all want pretty bits to make us feel better?

Feel Better Wishlist

Yes, most of it is Disney, surprised? If anything makes me feel better it’s Disney. But first up, a new diary. I love the ones from Ban.do, they’re so cute and quirky. Next up, a new dress for the autumn from my favourite store Moddolly. The teal is just the most perfect autumn shade and it’s currently on sale. Now onto the first Disney item, an Oswald rabbit Tsum Tsum from Tsum Tsum Planet, this cool (yet a wee bit over priced) UK website that sells rare tsum tsums. I think I’m collecting them more than LM these days although she does love playing with them. Okay, guys Melissa shoes have released a CINDERELLA inspired pair of pumps and I need them. I love Melissa shoes, they’re so comfortable and these are adorable! Now for a couple of media bits the newest Shopaholic Book, although it’s not out until the 22nd October, it’s my guilty pleasure series! And of course Cinderella on DVD, I loved it at the cinema but with money being tight I just haven’t got around to purchasing it yet. Finally, I couldn’t make a wishlist without featuring a few bits from The Disney Store, a Disney Tradition.. I love this Briar Rose one, mainly because I went to SFCC as Briar Rose so I feel I need something to represent that, then the best part? Disney Store have the Festive Shop online already and I want everything, but especially this Gus and Suzy decoration.

What are you wishing for at the moment?

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