Transitional Pieces for Summer to Autumn*

Can you believe that summer has been and gone already? I always consider the 1st September to be the start of Autumn and it’s truly a slippery slope to Christmas. I’m yet to have my first pumpkin spice latte, but I’m looking forward to enjoying a fair few iced ones while in Florida next week. But back in the UK, the start of Autumn for me means looking for ways to transition my wardrobe from summer wear to winter without having to purchase too much. Of course it’s not really that hard when we haven’t had too much of a summer, but I won’t deny that back in the Spring I bought a fair few floral dresses in a very misguided hope that this year would be different.

I’ve decided to go with a mood board today (mainly because I’m slightly addicted to Polyvore at the moment) to show you what transitional pieces are top of my shopping list this Autumn and I’ve explained why they’ve made the cut below.

Transitional Pieces

Cut Out Boots
Not quite ready to commit to those winter boots yet? Why not go for a pair of cut out boots instead. They’re not particularly practical if it rains but they at least keep your toes warm and still give you a slight feeling of your summer sandals. I’m a sucker for cut out boots especially when worn with pretty frilly socks just popping out. I own two pairs already but one is cream and one has a heel, I definitely need to get my hands on a black low heeled pair for every day wear.

Long Sleeved Dresses
I love wearing dresses, even though I do spend a lot of time in leggings and baggy t-shirts these days (mother’s prerogative). A lot of my dresses are short sleeved meaning I do have to prematurely layer up even when it’s only just starting to get chilly. I’ve been looking to invest in a couple of long sleeved dresses that can be worn solely under a jacket without the need of a sweater or cardigan on top. I have spotted some long sleeved dresses perfect for Autumn online like the one pictured above. Price and comfort are everything these days.

Leather Jacket
I picked up a leather jacket a couple of years ago and I love it. It has a hood and is perfect for Autumn and Spring, so much so I really want a tan coloured one to alternate between the two. Leather jackets are the perfect transitional coats because they keep you warm without being too heavy, which is exactly what you need in the changable weather. It’s just trying to find one at the right price that’s the hard part.

Circle Scarf
The accessory of the season is definitely the circle scarf, especially if you go for one that isn’t knitted and is material. It’s still warm without being itchy and it is great to throw on over an outfit with a jacket. You can even wear it in doors if you’re too broke like I am to have the heating on just yet. Because I’m a complete Disney fiend I really want this one from Hot Topic when I’m over. I have two other Disney Hot Topic scarves which have come in so handy on cooler days this summer.

Knee High Socks
Finally.. although I do love the fact that in Winter you don’t have to shave your legs as often, especially if you’re single like me and no one sees them haha however in some case i’m sad we have to cover them up again. So until it really gets nippy I will be compromising with over knee socks. New Look has such a great selection at such a great price, I really love these navy ones which are such a great autumn colour. I love accessorising my pastel dresses with autumn shades such as mustard, bottle green, plum, maroon and of course, navy.

And lets face it, if you stick on some plum lipstick, any outfit can be considered fashionable for Autumn!

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