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I’ve suffered from insomnia since I was thirteen and I’ve gone into it in more detail in some other posts on my blog. Although these days I am medicated for it, as since my bad break up it’s been a frequent thing due to anxiety. However I do need to still take steps to help me relax enough for the medication to work due to not wanting to be on a high dosage. As part of the #sleepbetter campaign with Bed Guru, today I’m sharing my tips for getting a good night sleep.

Take a Bath
I take a bath pretty much every single night in an attempt to chill out before crawling between the sheets. If you go with a specially formulated for a good nights sleep bubble bath liquid, that’s even better. But usually the steam from the water is enough to make me sleepy. Especially if I burn some scented candles or oil at the same time. A hot bath before bed is one of the age old remedies for not being able to sleep, they even recommend bathing your baby before bed as part o their nighttime routine. On night I’ve really struggled to sleep I’ve seen myself taking a bath at 3am, and 9 times out of 10 it works.

Have a Hot Drink
I’m not actually one for hot drinks, I prefer both my tea and coffee cold but when it’s not long until bedtime, or even once i’m in bed, I think nothing is more relaxing than settling down under a blanket clutching a warm mug. My best friend Bee swears by tea when she can’t sleep, and my mum too actually but I find anything with caffeine in and i’m bouncing off the wall. Instead I opt for hot chocolate or flavoured tea that is caffeine free, I love the spiced pumpkin one I have at the moment but apparently chamomile is the best if you need to get your shut eye.

Cocktails in Teacups Neom Intensive Sleep Treatment Review

Use Some Specially Formulated Sleep Better Products
There is so much on the market these days in the way of natural products to help you get a better nights sleep. From pillow sprays, to pulse point roll ons. I remember when this insomnia first started you could only really get the pillow sprays and they actually made me sneeze, so I get on much better with the roll on for my pulse point. Neom have some amazing ones. The blend of essential oils is supposed to lull you into a natural sleep. Of course if you prefer to take something orally, I can’t recommend Kalms enough, they really got me through my GCSES.

Read a Book in Low Light
And i’m not talking so low it strains your eyes but by lamp rather than the over head light. For some reason there is something about reading a book that makes me sleepy, whether it’s staring at the page, or just the fact it’s like having a bedtime story read to you which makes you feel like a child. I love nothing more than reading with only my fairylights on, then it’s not a big deal if I fall asleep before turning them off as the low lighting doesn’t wake LM.

So these are my tips for helping you #sleepbetter, why not head over to the Bed Guru blog to read their 10 Sleep Better Commandments.

Cocktails in Teacups Lifestyle Blog #SleepBetter Tips & a Giveaway You Can Win

They’re also giving you the chance to win this #sleepbetter kit which includes a cozy blanket, some fairy lights, a mug, some chamomile tea, some essential oils and an oil defuser. All you have to do is follow Bed Guru on Twitter and Cocktails in Teacups on Bloglovin (there are some other options for extra entries). The giveaway will be running until the 30th September.

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