The Importance of Car Safety with Children*

Let’s face it, car safety is important regardless of who is in the car, but for me, ensuring Little Miss is safe is of utter most importance. I won’t lie, I’m definitely a terribly overbearing mother who panics at the slightest thing but I just personally feel that if you can do something to keep your child safe from harm, you should do it. There are more car accidents per year than there are plane, train and boat combined in the UK but there are ways to ensure you’re safe while on the road. While I don’t have my own car or license for that matter, we are in cars every day of the week due to my parents having two between them and my sister has her own. Car safety is something I still have to consider even as a non-driver.

Ensure You Have the Right Car Seat for Your Child
I remember when I was a kid and you didn’t even have to legally wear a seatbelt. Yes it was recommended but I remember all piling into my Grandpa’s car, like 6 of us in the back seat. We used to even shove someone in the footwell! Nowadays ensuring everyone has a seat and a seat belt is a legal requirement and if you child is a certain weight and height they may also need a car seat. Make sure you use this handy chart to check out what seat you require for your child.

Don’t Over Fill Your Boot
I once read a new story about someone getting their head crushed by something falling out the boot when the driver had to break hard. It completely terrified me when I became a mother. Even if my boot is full, I ensure it’s not over the back seat where it could fall on Little Miss. It’s just not worth the risk.

Make Sure Your Keep an Eye on Your Tyres
Did you know that lack of tyre safety contributed to more than 1200 road accidents last year? It’s something to bear in mind next time you skip over the tyres when ensuring your care is safe to drive. Not only that but defunct tyres can result in large fines and penalty points. Ensuring your have the correct tyres on your car is vital in making sure your car is safe to drive. If you’re unsure head over to the Point S website which has all the information you need.

Get That Sound Checked Out
If your car is making a strange sound, please get it checked out. I know some people hate the idea of the bills that come with keeping a car but you could be putting your own safety, your passengers safety and the safety of others on the road or even pedestrians safety at risk if there is something really wrong with your car. Keep on top of your MOTs and ensure your car insurance is always paid.

Drive Safely
Of course my number one tip is drive safely. More accidents are caused from stupidity on the road than anything that is wrong with your car. Unfortunately 9 times out of 10 it isn’t your driving that’s the problem it’s the other people on the road. But if you are always driving safely it can never be your fault.

Car Safety with kids

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