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Different weather elements affect your hair in different ways. In the summer if you have coloured hair it’s important to keep it covered as the sun fades it, in the winter like with your skin your hair needs extra moisturising. So of course with the seasons changing I’ve been re-evaluating what I use on my hair and I thought i’d take the opportunity to share my product choices for Autumn.

Cocktails in Teacups Hair Care for Autumn Products Beauty Blog

At the moment, I’m still continuing to keep my hair red although it’s not as red as it once was, more of a dark red these days which helps keep it looking glossy for longer than when I was mermaid red. It fades to a nice auburn rather than looking washed out. Because it is so heavily coloured I do have to take this into consideration when choosing products.

Cocktails in Teacups Beauty Blogger Hair Care for Autumn

Starting with washing. I was my hair twice a week, three time maximum if I’ve used styling products because I’ve curled it. This isn’t just because my hair is dyed and I want to keep it coloured for as long as possible, it’s not even because washing your hair less it better, it’s because I’m lazy. As a mother especially a mother with long hair I try to keep it as low maintenance as possible. Anyway, these are the products i’ve switched to now that the cooler weather is here;

Paul Mitchell Ultimate Colour Repair Shampoo, I recently switched to this when my hair needed a pick me up after summer. It was looking a bit dry even post dying which is when it’s usually at it’s glossiest. As it’s a hair care system especially formulated for dyed hair it worked wonders and I ended up ordering more. I’ve even got these all laid out to take in my suitcases for using in Florida. I’m hoping within a few weeks my hair will be back to it’s usual shiny self.

Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Conditioner, I also use the conditioner from the same range as the two work well together. The shea butter in both is amazing for combating the dry frizz that is my hair (it always has been, even before I ever coloured or used heat on it). Between this and the shampoo I can’t think of a better duo at restoring my hair after he summer.

I reviewed both of these products in depth, you can read it here.

Neal and Wolf Harmony Intensive Hair Care Treatment*, this is my go to product every Autumn, and it’s especially ace for use after having the cold or flu. When I’m sick my hair goes limp and I can often not washing it for a week. Not only does it leave my hair so soft but it’s great at repairing damaged hair. It also smells amazing. Like really amazing. After being sick I love spending an evening pampering myself which includes lazing around with a face mask and hair mask on and I cannot recommend this enough. Even though it suggests leaving it on for 3-5 minutes, I leave it on for an hour wrapped in a warm towel.

I have reviewed this product here.

Cocktails in Teacups Beauty Blog Hair Care for Autumn

Neal and Wolf Control Flexible Styling Hairspray*, when it comes to styling my hair in the cooler months I find I have to use hairspray more liberally because my hair is prone to going flat. I love Control from Neal and Wolf because it’s so lightweight, it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing hairspray at all and it holds my style well and stops my fringe separating in the damp weather.

The full review of this product is here.

Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo, another product I rely on heavily in the Autumn is dry shampoo. Two reasons really, one as I mentioned above, I don’t wash my hair often, but in the colder months this is because I can’t dry my hair after 7pm in case I wake LM. Two, I rely on this one especially again because the damp weather makes my hair limp. This XXL volume dry shampoo gives my hair some body and is great if I’m just leaving my hair natural.

A Beautiful Life Unicorn Mane Serum, I have naturally frizzy hair, it doesn’t know if it wants to be wavy or straight so it kinda gets stuck in the middle. The frizz is always worse in the Autumn/Winter because the fog that hangs over my hometown causes it to go crazy. I couldn’t live without some kind of oil to flatten it down in the morning. This season I’ve swapped to Unicorn Mane Serum… yes I was also sold on the fact it had unicorn in the name but it’s actually way better than I thought. It’s the first serum i’ve tried in a while doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy and it’s so lightweight. It’s definitely giving me the frizz control i’ve been after.

Allcures have put together a great infographic about caring for your hair in Autumn if you need some more ideas on how you can change your regime to fit with the season change.


What are you currently using to keep your hair in tip top condition?

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