Happy 3rd Birthday Cocktails in Teacups!

Today is my 3rd blog-versary, or blogging birthday, whichever one you prefer. Three years ago today I sat down and started this blog. I can’t believe I have kept at it for so long to be honest. It’s gone from a creative outlet when I felt alone and isolated after my break up to being my lively hood which was something I never expected for a second! I have had some fantastic chances to write for some big names because of it, and it by being a self employed freelance writer I’m able to be flexible when it comes to my daughter, which was something I wanted more than anything. Aside from my daughter and the life I’ve built for us, it’s the thing i’m most proud of.

Thank you so much to all my readers who have stuck with me from the beginning. Thank you to everyone who has chosen to support Cocktails in Teacups by working with me or simply commenting. Thank you to everyone who has ever engaged with me, invited me anywhere or spoke to me on social media. I appreciate everything that has come along with the blog.

Right now I’m on a plane to my favourite place in the world, but there will be a giveaway when I return, along with a complete blog revamp! Now that LM is back to school, I’m ready to take things to the next level. Stay tuned!

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