Beauty Content // Every Day I Make My Skin Glow, and Now You Can Too*

We girls like to look after ourselves and make sure we look good. And what better way to achieve this than through a good skincare regime. Every day I make my skin glow and look radiant, and now you can do the same by following my guide.

Beauty Content  Every Day I Make My Skin Glow, and Now You Can Too

Wash Thoroughly
Of course, the first thing you need to do is to wash your face well. You need to keep your skin clean to treat it properly. Your skin is delicate and fragile, and it’s susceptible to wear, dirt and damage. So to look after it you need to make sure you wash at least once a day. This will prepare the skin for the deep clean and moisturise later on. It will help you to achieve supple and glowing skin. And this in turn will help make you look fabulous.

Get a Good Facial Scrub
Washing yourself thoroughly is. You have to get to the roots and get rid of the dead skin. Opening pores is vital to allow the moisturiser to work effectively. So, the best thing you can do in this instance is to get yourself a good quality facial scrub. I like to wash my face thoroughly, then apply some facial scrub and work it in with my fingers. This helps to open the skin up and does a much better job of cleaning it. Plus it feels nice as well!

Make Sure You Use Moisturiser
The key to an awesome skincare regime is to make sure you moisturise. Sure, you might see the adverts and think it’s all just a big scam. But actually, moisturising does work, and it’s important. I like to try to moisturise at least twice a day – once in the morning and once before bed. Sometimes I’ll do it more; it depends on what I’m doing that day. It’s important to me to use ethical products like Tropic skin care products. It might also be important to you to consider what you’re putting on your face. I suggest getting into the habit of moisturising to keep your skin nourished and refreshed. Carry a small tube in your handbag with you for use throughout the day; that’s what I do.

Try to Limit Makeup Use
Now, we girls all love to use our makeup on a daily basis. There’s nothing to get the confidence levels up like slapping on a face and looking fabulous. But you need to realise that wearing too much makeup can actually have a negative effect on your skin. The chemicals in the makeup can irritate your skin and dry it out. So my advice to you would be to try to limit the amount of makeup you wear whenever possible. I realised that I was wearing too much for my skin to benefit. So I made the decision to cut down on how much I used. And you know what? Now, my skin looks so healthy and radiant that I actually look better with less makeup on.

As a young mum, I understand the need to look good and feel good as often as possible. So I take steps to do this by making sure that I have radiant skin as often as I can. Try to come up with your own skincare regime to help you look great. If you need to you can make use of mine!

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