An Autumn Kitchen*

Since getting back from our holiday last week, I’ve felt very disillusioned with my house. Part of it is because I don’t really want to be there. I’ve experienced a better life for LM and I, and that’s the one I want to live. I’d trade our house for an apartment in Kissimmee in a heart beat but for the time being, that’s not possible so I have to force myself to make an effort.

My kitchen used to be the heart of the home, especially in the colder months. But now I just seem to avoiding it. Living in noodles and letting my washing up pile up. Maybe it’s because it feels cold, and unwelcoming. I’m constantly cold at the moment so the draw to be in the kitchen just isn’t there. So maybe the answer to returning the warmth to this room is a little make over.

Autumn is known for it’s warm colours such as red, golds, light browns and burnt orange. Incorporating some of those into the colour scheme of my kitchen could really warm the place up.

Autumn Kitchen

There is absolutely loads on the market to turn your kitchen into an Autumn dream, with the change of season it really is the time to give your kitchen (or any room in your house the make over it deserves). My kitchen already has a rather good set up for an autumn scheme. I have cream cupboards and wooden tops which would mean it would simply be a case of accessorising. I particularly love the range of pans that House of Fraser have at the moment, the copper base of these ones is perfect for an Autumn themed kitchen and I hear they last much longer too. Although a lot of bloggers love everything to be white, I have such a soft spot for traditional wood looking items and furniture. I love the wooden chopping board from H&M, I think it would end up being more display that use though since it’s super cute. Anything rose gold would also be very welcome in my kitchen.

I know where my wages are going this month! Time for a new look in the kitchen.

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