Travel Blogging Essentials*

As i’ve mentioned a few times over the past few weeks, in November the focus on my blog will mainly be towards Disney, Life, Parenting and of course Travel. I feel this is where my life is at the moment and what I enjoy writing about. Disney and Travel go hand in hand, along with Disney and Parenting, and even Parenting and Travel. So before I throw all my Disney posts at you in one go, I’m starting off with my travel blogging essentials. Aside from a super zoom camera as I’m sure you all know this is vital when travel blogging. Last year while I was traveling around the North East of the USA, I blogged on the go so I thought i’d share with you the items I found most useful;

Travel Blogging Essentials

As I wanted to blog while I was on the go, say on public transport or in a Starbucks I knew I didn’t want to take my laptop with me since it was so big so instead I bought a bluetooth keyboard and a card reader for my ipad. Although it was much smaller than what I was used to, it did the job and I was rather pleased. If it wasn’t for the fact if LM sees the iPad she wants to be on it, I probably would have done the same while in Florida this year. The two items were from eBay and less than £15 for both. They’re not real Apple products but they do the job and that’s all I cared about. However, I would love to invest in a much smaller laptop to use while we’re away in the future.

One of the most important things to consider if you’re going to be blogging on the go is somewhere safe to keep your items. Of course this is something to think about anyway when travelling. I favour satchels over rucksacks because I worry I wouldn’t feel someone opening the pocket on my rucksack and taking say my camera or iPad out, where with a small satchel it would basically be under my arm. I usually fill my rucksack with the unimportant bits and have a smaller one with anything I would not want to loose. When I’m off travelling I love a travel journal for making notes in. They also usually have little pockets which are great for keeping odds and ends in that I want to bring home. And finally a camera card with a big memory. I tend to snap loads of photos and wait until I get home to pick out the best ones to edit and use on my blog.

What are you travel blogging essentials?

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