Travel Bucket List – 21/10/2015*

As of the 1st November, Cocktails in Teacups will be changing to a Disney Life, Parenting and Travel blog to reflect how my life has evolved. Now that my blog is three years old, I’ve changed and my life has changed so I wanted to focus on niche’s that I want to write about. No more beauty, only fashion related to Disney or child fashion, perhaps some cookery … but I’m not promising. Occasionally some content of a different sort may pop up, just to give you a heads up.

In honour of the shift in emphasis on travel, today I’m sharing with you my current travel bucket list. It’s always growing and I’ll probably never be satisfied. At the moment we are frequenting Disney parks and I wish to continue this until it’s no longer as magical for Little Miss. By then hopefully she’ll be into exploring other cultures much like her mum, here’s hoping anyway!

Today I’m sharing some places in association with Karcher and their Monuments of the World quiz. You should all give it a try and see if you can match my perfect score!

mount_rushmoreMount Rushmore
Let’s face it, you all knew there were going to be some US destinations on this list. I love the place so much and I never get bored of it. Since turning 21 I’ve been 5 times including 10 days exploring the North East with stops in DC, NYC and Niagara Falls. I’d love to do something similar again which includes a road trip to Mount Rushmore. I’ve always been way more into American History than our own history so seeing the presidents carved into the stone is definitely right up there on places to visit. A small fact; when I was with my first long term boyfriend we had a map of the States above our bed with a road trip route marked off. Had we ever got married we were going to ask for people to donate towards our dream 3 month long honeymoon.


Also on that road trip route was a trip to Seattle. We were both incredibly into Frasier and the opening credits with the Space Needle had us desperate to go. It’s also the birth place of Starbucks! I’ve never been to the West Coast and although I do have an LA trip possibly in the works for 2017 with friends, Seattle is still one of the places I would love to eventually visit. Plus it’s not too far from Vancouver where I have friends living. I would love to be able to cross both of those spots off on the same trip.

Aside from visiting ALL THE PLACES in the USA, I really want to go to Italy. Maybe it’s the call of pizza and pasta, or maybe it’s all those romance novels that have quite possibly rotted my brain… but Italy seems to me to be the most romantic place in the world. I think having been to Paris and seen it, it takes away the mystery and would no longer be my top choice as somewhere to be whisked off to. Sharing spaghetti Lady & the Tramp style, riding around on vespas, taking selfies in front of classical monuments, even a trip to the opera! I bet it would make a rather nice Honeymoon destination too (with a weekend down to Capri thrown in!)

Tokyo Disneyland
Hi, have we met? Of course there was going to be a Disney park on my list… and Tokyo is basically the crème de la crème when it comes to Disney holidays. Especially for the merchandise. I am so desperate to go, the hotels look fantastic, and all the different characters they have out! Of course, I may change my tune when Shanghi opens… we’ll see!

What is on your Travel Bucket List?

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