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Cocktails in Teacups 6 Ways to Achieve Clearer Skin Beauty Content

In the world of beauty, clear skin is highly sought after, even more so than luscious hair and naturally long eyelashes. Clear skin feels great, is the perfect foundation for applying makeup, and it gives women confidence and pride in their appearance, so many will go above and beyond to achieve clearer skin. The good news is, clear skin is not entirely dependent on your genetic predisposition, so anyone can achieve it once they make a few changes in their lifestyle and beauty routine. Here are six easy tips to get you started:

Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water and keeping hydrated is crucial for healthy skin and a healthy body. It is recommended that adults should drink around 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated, and more of course when you are exercising. Start by swapping your breakfast, lunch and dinner drink for water, and always keep a glass on your desk as you work because if it’s there, you’ll certainly drink more of it.

Eat Well

It’s a no brainer that a healthy diet is linked to clear skin, so ensure you are eating enough of the fruits and vegetables that give your body, and skin, the nutrients it needs throughout the week. Many foods are especially good for your skin, such as almonds, pomegranates, sunflower seeds, carrot, blueberries and avocado, so work them into your diet when you can. Try and avoid binge eating where you can, too – splurging on junk food can be detrimental to your entire body, not just your skin.


Exercise is good for your mind, body and skin, so don’t forget to work up a sweat and get moving for at least 30 minutes per day to help your skin clear up. A brisk walk in the morning is a good way to start if you don’t like to exercise.

Cocktails in Teacups 6 Ways to Achieve Clearer Skin Content

Invest in Good Skincare Products

Initially, it may seem like good skincare products are too costly and hard to find, however that does not have to be the case. Investing in good-quality skincare products, preferably with natural ingredients and without harmful toxins, helps your skin stay fresh and clean both before and after makeup application. Also, good-quality skincare products tend to last longer, so the value for money is much better than generic supermarket bought brands that don’t work well.

Consider Professional Advice

There are many avenues to source professional advice from when it comes to your skin and beauty routine, from makeup artists and professionals in the beauty industry, to dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. If you need some help from the professionals, consider cosmetic surgery at establishments such as Cosmetic Surgery For Women, as these qualified doctors will be able to help heal acne scarring and blemished skin with laser treatments and a range of cosmetic procedures.

Stress Less

Finally, stress causes breakouts in the same way that binge eating does, so stress less for better skin. Next time you feel stressed and under pressure, take some time out to mediate, practice yoga, read in the sunshine or give yourself a DIY beauty treatment. You and your skin will feel a lot better in no time.

Do you have any tips for clearer skin? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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