Gardening Content // 6 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Outdoor Entertaining*

When warmer temperatures arrive, it’s time to spend more time outdoors and turn your attention to outdoor entertaining. Just as you may have hibernated throughout the winter months, your home and yard also need to be prepared for warmer temperatures and the fun and relaxation of outdoor social gatherings.


Think carefully about what needs to be done to prepare you home for enjoyable outdoor parties and events. It’s time to clean up and remove the ‘weathered’ look from your backyard.

Need landscaping?

There’s a good chance your lawn is a mess and that your garden is overgrown or in some other state of disrepair. The time is right to tidy up and refresh your yard. It’s a great idea to seek the expert advice of lawn and turf specialists, such as Hancey’s Turf, who will help you with effective tips and strategies for reviving your lawn, landscaping the space and preparing your yard for outdoor entertaining.

Don’t just wash, power wash

An excellent way to prepare so many parts of your yard (including patio surfaces and deck railings) is to give your outdoor entertaining area a thorough power wash. If you do not have a gurney or other pressure cleaner, it’s possible to rent these pieces of equipment at quite low cost. Consider investing in equipment for pressure cleaning as such equipment is infinitely useful and can make a huge difference to the state of your outdoor areas.

Repaint and reseal

Carefully inspect door frames, window sills, steps, balustrades and other small surfaces – do they need some repair or touch up? It is likely that you will notice areas where paint and sealant is peeling or chipping. Carrying out the necessary repairs and doing these touch ups will be a positive step in readying your outdoor areas for entertaining.

The state of your deck

Pay close attention to the state of your deck. Over time, screws and nails can loosen and even pop out, and it’s possible that boards and slats have cracked. You should also check the railings and steps of the deck to ensure that none are loose. From a safety point of view, it is vital that necessary repairs are made before you have people over for an outdoor gathering in your yard.

Don’t overlook the awnings

Few things detract so much from the appearance of a house and yard than dirty awnings that are torn or split. Check your awnings carefully; it is possible that they could also do with a pressure clean. If repairs are needed, ensure that splits and cracks are fixed and organise for mechanical repairs if your awning is not unrolling and retracting smoothly.

Ensure your gatherings are beautifully illuminated

Wipe over the surfaces of all glass and fixtures around your outdoor lighting. It’s common for residue to form over these surfaces and by giving them a good wipe over, lighting for your outdoor gatherings will be all the more effective.

There really is no end to the different ways that you can prepare your home for outdoor entertaining. Of course, your main concern should be the safety of your outdoor area and, beyond this, you can focus on ways to maximise space, enhance atmosphere and increase the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor entertaining area.

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