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Like every mother, I only want the best for my daughter. Also like every mum, I also want her to go to bed and sleep through until the morning! I cherish every moment with her, but I need some alone time to de-stress. The only time I get that is when she is in bed. However, I recently came across something that made me think. Apparently, the way you decorate your room can affect your sleep patterns, especially small children. Fearing that my nights would be dominated by trying to get her back to bed for the night, I took it seriously. So seriously that I redecorated!

How I Decorated My Daughter’s Room For Maximum Sleep

Here’s what I did and why I did it, just in case you feel the need to redecorate, too!

A Fresh Coat Of Paint
The colour of the room wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, so I bought a few tins of paint. Quite simply, I read that the colour scheme can affect children’s sleep patterns because some reflect light. Others absorb the light and make the room darker. Obviously, you want the second option. So, I went for a soft but dark colour to absorb as much light as possible.

Mood Lighting
My daughter is only young, so she’s at the age where she isn’t completely at ease with the dark. Normally, I would put a sidelight on while she sleeps. But, a sidelight is too bright, which is why I changed it to a nightlight. Research suggests that any light in the room is not good because it affects your body clock. Apparently, any light that our bodies can detect makes us think it is morning. Who am I to question to the sleep nerds?!

I suddenly realised that I don’t know how comfortable my daughter finds her room. Because she’s at the age where I do everything for her, I sometimes forget to ask her opinion. Like a lot of parents, I make an executive decision for her benefit. But, I am not her, so I don’t know whether she is completely comfortable while she sleeps. After asking her, thankfully all was fine. Still, I made a few changes. I bought specifically designed toddler bedding and washed them more often. Clean sheets are always more comfortable because of the feel and the smell.

Turn Off The TV
All electronic devices emit energy that we can detect. The radiation can play havoc with our sleep patterns because it affects our ability to create melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that induces sleep. In the science world, this is often referred to as the ‘glow’ from electronic devices. Even when they are on standby or not fully working they are an issue. I got rid of them just to be sure.

Obviously, you want to consult your children when you redecorate their room, especially if you are making big changes. There are ways to come to a compromise that should allow them to sleep better and not make them angry that the TV is in the bin!

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