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Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

As I’m sure you’re all aware, yesterday was October 31st, Halloween. But in our house it’s felt like Halloween has gone on for a long time. It was Halloween when we went to Disney World in September and we attended Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party. Then we went to Disneyland Paris at the beginning of October and it was also Halloween there! Because of all this Halloween activity, Little Miss has really got into it this year! As you all know she adores to dress up, so we decided to push the boat out with her costume on the day by going for one with a wig. Because of her new obsession with Halloween, she has been watching The Nightmare Before Christmas a lot, this week alone she’s watched it 4 times! This really only started after she met Jack Skellington at Disneyland Paris. She loved him so much she asked for a plush, then went on to watch the movie daily at home. While in Florida a wonderful lady made LM a beautiful Sally Stitches dress, so naturally that’s who she chose to dress up for the big day, yes, red wig and all!

Halloween 2015 Sally Stitches Cosplay The Nightmare Before Christmas

Cocktails in Teacups Parent Life Disney Travel Blog Halloween 2015 Sally Stitches

Jack & Sally

Cocktails in Teacups Parent Life Disney Travel Blog Halloween 2015

She actually did so well and kept the wig on for over 5 hours and for the first time ever her skin didn’t react to facepaint! I drew the stitches on her tights and the stripes on her socks. I think she looked wonderful, and I was so incredibly proud of her for staying in costume so long. I really hope the dress still fits for when we’re in WDW next October because we will 100% be paying a visit to Jack and Sally in it. My nephew was dressed as a scary pirate, he loves to dress up too, just not as anything Disney haha. And my sister and I partook by wearing a hat and cat mask. We took the kids around our aunts and our nanny’s house to trick or treat, they both got decent hauls of various sweets, that obviously were all consumed on the night making bedtime impossible. But hey, it’s once a year!

What did you get up to on Halloween? Did you dress up?

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