My Christmas Wishlist 2015

The time has come when it’s completely acceptable to be thinking about Christmas and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve gone through a bit of a rough patch of late and focusing on the holidays is really going to help drag me out of the black hole I’m currently in. As I have in previous years, I will be putting together some fab and original gift guides. This year I’ve decided to do “The Disney Fan”, “The Traveller”, “The Stressed Mum”, “Gifts for Men” and “Handmade Disney” as my gift guides rather than my usual family member guides. I will also be sharing some of my favourite toys of Little Miss’ over the past year in case you need inspiration on what to get the “threenager” in your life.

But today I’m going to kick off with what I would love for Christmas. As ever this is a complete fantasy wishlist because as with last year, I’m just getting dollars from my parents. I get much more pleasure watching Little Miss opening her gifts, and it usually takes so long anyway that by the time I get to my own I kinda just wanna laze about with a glass of prosecco. But hey, if my parents were rich and could afford to gift me $$ and stuff, this is what I would ask for;

My Christmas Wishlist

Well.. I’m not even surprised that this is 90% Disney. I could have gone on and on, and I didn’t even venture over to Hot Topic, Wallgreens or the US Disney Store because that would have ended up a complete mess. Hot Topic has so much Peter Pan & Alice in Wonderland stuff in that I want but I just cannot justify the customs charges and I don’t want to annoy anyone with constantly placing orders! I don’t even look anymore because it’s painful haha. Why don’t they come over here? It’s like Primark, I live nowhere near one and I can’t order online!

ANYWAY.. here is a snippet of what I’d like as a sort of dream Christmas list..

Obviously I’d love a Disney Tradition (although I am getting one from my mother and sister, just not the one pictured). I love this particular Cinderella one because it has Gus and Jaq in the teacup and I do love those mice. I’ve also had my eye on the Disney Showcase Anna for a while, and it’s currently on sale at H Samuel.. this will take all my willpower not to buy her. The only beauty item that made my list this year (mainly because I’m still trying to use everything up, since becoming a blogger my beauty collection is insane) is the Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion Spray, I’ve been after it for a while but haven’t been able to justify the cost. It would make a perfect Christmas gift for me, I just wish they did it in mini size! Have you seen all the adorable socks on The Disney Store website at the moment? I really love the Chip & Dale pair because I’m super funny about odd socks and they’re the closest I can get to matching. The other item of clothing is these The Little Mermaid Pyjamas from Truffle Shuffle, I’m really into the cuffed style of bottoms at the moment, and I can never pass up anything Ariel. Every year I always get the Thomas Kinkade Disney Calendar and this year will be no difference, I usually wait until January though as it means it’s reduced but I have received it as a gift before. I just really wish they did it in diary form.. The closest thing I can find to a diary is this Fairytale Collection Peter Pan notebook. I was so sad I missed out on the mug, but the notebook is beautiful, I’m unsure if I could write in it though. I still haven’t managed to get Cinderella on DVD so I would dearly love that as I thought it was a really beautiful adaptation. I think books are such a great girl and I only found out yesterday about Gregory Maguire’s latest novel, After Alice. I love his takes on classic stories so I really want to get my hands on this. The other book I really want is the Illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I had a flick through it in Tesco and it’s gorgeous! Finally, Disney Couture recently released a rose gold collection and I’m in love, my favourite piece though is this Interlocking Tinker Bell bangle. You know me, all things Neverland and I’m sold.

If I had to be completely honest though, if I was to ask to receive anything for Christmas, it would be all the Christmas Lush bath bombs, bubble bars and melts. I sadly can’t justify the expense anymore but I do miss those baths, they were the highlight of my week!

What are you asking Santa Claus for this year?

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