5 Things I Love About Winter*

Okay, so I’m having a bad week, and a lot of it is down to the weather. Storms keeping LM awake meaning she’s in my bed most nights (the back of my house is like a wind tunnel and so loud in a storm), the cold meaning I wake in the night anyway because breathing in the cold air makes me cough. Constantly getting caught in the rain because of the showers and the fact the bus doesn’t go towards LM’s school. It’s making me really miserable and grumpy. So to combat that today I’m going to share 5 things about winter I do actually enjoy (that aren’t Christmas or LM’s birtday).


Hot Drinks
I can’t lie, I am a sucker for seasonal drinks, especially at Costa. Usually I’m a Starbucks girl but at Christmas Costa wins my heart with their Sticky Toffee Latte and especially their Black Forest Hot Chocolate. I throw away so much money on these drinks because I love nothing more than Christmas shopping with a seasonal cup in hand, it just really adds to the atmosphere. I also drink so much more tea at home, and even more hot chocolate where in the warmer months I prefer iced coffee. There is definitely something about sitting on the sofa clutching a warm drink and watching a family movie that brings real comfort home.

Waking Up to the Heating Coming On
In the winter my favourite time of day is when I wake early in the morning and the heating is just coming on. It’s still dark outside and Little Miss is still sleeping so I get to wrap myself up in the duvet and grab a couple more hours with the room feeling so toasty warm. However, this of course makes my gas bill increase tenfolds, so perhaps it’s time to invest in a best electric radiator if I want to continue enjoying this!

Pyjama Days
There seems to be way more days where I just don’t bother getting LM or myself dressed in the winter months. In fact I often get up in the morning and chuck a few more layers on over the top of my pjs and spend the day like that. I wear my old university hoodie and thick socks and Little Miss wears a sweater over hers with some bed socks. We spend the day huddled under blankets watching as many Disney movies as possible and usually end the day by ordering take out. This seems to be a trend when one of us is sick (usually me) with a cold virus.

Cold Weather Fashion
I just look better in the cold weather, okay? I can use a hat to cover my bad hair day, thick tights mean I don’t have to wax or shave, I look great layering because I can hide my chubby arms. Heeled boots make my legs look longer and thinner. The colours also really suit me, mustard, navy, bottle green, rich plums and reds. Although my skin looks crap and my lips are chapped, my style suits the colder months and wearing so many items of clothes truly hides a whole host of fashion and beauty sins.


Dark Nights
Sorry mum, but I don’t mind the fact it’s dark until at least 8am and dark again at 4pm. I know you hate it but I like how cosy everywhere feels with the street lights on and then eventually Christmas lights in the windows. I like that it makes LM easy to put to bed and she sleeps much later. I like that the birds sleep later.. basically everything sleep related.. heck I sleep better in the winter, although this could be the fact I have 2 blankets and 2 duvets on my bed…

What do you like about the Winter months?

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