Caring for Your Skin During Winter*

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I have never had an easy ride when it comes to skin, especially in winter. It’s not like i’ve had acne, but my skin seems to change type rather randomly which is frustrating when you just find a routine that works. As a teenager I had incredibly sensitive skin to the point I could only use products that were prescribed by a doctor. Over the years it’s gradually improved but it was always more on the dry side especially on my cheeks and around my eyes and mouth (poor Little Miss seems to have inherited this). Team this with horrible under the skin pimples and hormonal break outs and it’s a right mess. To get worse, two years ago it started to lean more towards combination and now I find it oily and sensitive. I rarely get those dry patches anymore but my skin is so shiny! I feel like I can’t win. And as I mentioned above, it’s much worse. Thankfully I’ve found ways to attempt to combat it, because nothing feels worse than your three year old telling you that you look like you have chicken pox!

Regularly Wash Your Hats & Scarves
Like with your make up brushes, I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to keep your scarves and hats clean. With constant rubbing on your face, especially if you wear make up it’s just a hot bed for bacteria which is one of the main causes of spots. I have two sets that I rotate and wash once a week each. This way I know they’re always clean and free of old make up.

Harsh cold winds are notorious for drying out your skin. Find a moisturiser that works. There are all sorts of brands on the market great for all skin types. It can be a case of trial and error but once you find one that not only keeps your skin soft and supple, but also flake free without the need to over exfoliate.

Always Remove Your Make Up
A bit of a no brainer that applies all year around. But removing your make up is so important for clear skin. It’s like the number one skincare rule along with drinking enough water.

For me, winter is when my skin looks the worse and is much harder to keep in check. The rest of the year I usually only have to worry about hormal break outs, but during the winter I constantly have break outs. Not just that, I’ve been considering laser hair removal as a little bit of an end of year treat. I’ve recently heard SKN Clinics have opened a store in Cardiff and I’m hoping to find one closer to hope to treat myself to some pre-christmas pampering. I’m so done with always looking a state in the photos!

How do you look after your skin in Winter?

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