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You’ve just heard that there’s a wedding on the horizon, and you can’t help but be super excited. Not just because the happy couple has chosen you as one of the people who they want to share their day with, but also because you get to go out and buy a new dress.

Once the excitement dies down, however, you may start to panic at the prospect of buying a new outfit. Of course, before you even consider hitting the shops, you wait for your invitation, to arrive. As soon as one of the most beautiful Paper Themes modern wedding invitations comes through your door, then the real panic begins.

Cocktails in Teacups 6 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Outfit

Not only are you stressing about finding the most amazing outfit, but you may also be worried about the cost. Sadly, money doesn’t grow on trees, and sometimes, we just don’t have as much spare as we would like. (As a single mum, I know this better than most – one income doesn’t stretch that far.)

Regardless of your worries about not being able to find the perfect outfit, as well as the size of your budget, you can still find a beautiful dress. To help you do that, here are six handy tips to take note of:

Be choosy about where you shop
When it comes to keeping the cost of your outfit down, it’s all about where you shop. Of course you want to look fantastic, but to do that, designer stores aren’t the only option. Trust me, outfits from high street stores can look just as elegant as designer ones.

Many of us avoid ‘bargain’ stores when it comes to looking for outfits for special occasions. However, shops like Primark, can actually, have some real gems. So before you buy your outfit from a more expensive store, spend some time looking in the cheaper places. You’ll spend half as much, and still look just as good. No one has to know where you’ve got your dress from – just cut the tags out and no one will ever know.

Steer clear of white
The number one rule when it comes to shopping for an outfit for a wedding is don’t wear white (or cream). As otherwise, you may steal attention away from the bride, upsetting and offending them. No matter how awesome you look in white, give it a miss – the bride will thank you for it.

Don’t go too OTT
Weddings may be the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a beautiful new outfit, but whatever you do, don’t go overboard. If you upstage the bride, you could ruin her special day. Opt for an outfit that’s chic and stylish, but not too over the top. You want to look amazing, but not stand out too much – that’s the bride’s job.

Pick a dress that flatters your body shape
Every figure is different, and it’s important to remember that. A dress that looks fantastic on your friend may do nothing for you. When choosing an outfit, always take your body shape into account. If you opt for a dress that accentuates your figure, you’ll feel a lot happier and more confident.

Take the venue and season into account
If the wedding is being held in the summer, you won’t need to stress too much about keeping warm. However, if it’s an autumn or winter wedding, it’s a good idea to choose an outfit that will ensure that you stay warm. Whether this means opting for a faux fur wrap around or a thick coat, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you look good and are nice and cosy.

Don’t wear anything too revealing
Whether you have the longest legs in the world or the most amazing bust, weddings are family events. So wearing something respectful is important – this means opting for a dress that isn’t too revealing. To look fantastic you don’t have to show your body off, a stylish outfit and some chic accessories is all it takes.

Choosing the perfect outfit for a wedding can be stressful, especially when money is tight and you aren’t sure what look to opt for. Hopefully, however, these tips will help to make picking out your next occasion dress a little easier.

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