Sick of staring at the same four walls? Bored of your bland, boring colour scheme? Don’t despair – today’s blog post has plenty of ideas to brighten up your space.

Bloomin’ Lovely
As we enter autumn, the trees are losing their leaves, it’s rainy and cold and grey. So very grey. Spring is a WHOLE FIVE MONTHS away, but that does not mean you have to wait all winter long before you can enjoy a nice, bright bunch of flowers!



Place cheery blooms around your home to add a little bit of cheer. Don’t think you need to fork out on fresh foliage; fake flowers will last all winter long.

Scandi Chic
This season, invite a little Scandi Chic into your home. Create a calming, serene look by using layers of muted, soft greys mixed with whites and beiges.

lovethesign copy

SOURCE: LOVETHESIGN: Dining Table / Shelving Unit

Mix your white accessories with wooden flooring and furniture to achieve this style.   Soft rugs, cable knit throws and glistening fairy lights will help add a little warmth to this theme.

Metallic Accents
If you were able to rewind time three or four years into the past and ask an interior designer about using brass, copper or gold in your home décor, you would have been met with a look of derision. These metals were once considered old fashioned and outdated.  But, if you’re a Pinterest addict, you’ll know that’s no longer the case.  Metallic accents are the trend du jour. You can’t open up Pinterest without seeing a copper tealight holder or a gold lampshade.   Next time you’re shopping for home accessories, make sure metallics are on your wishlist.



If you’re feeling as bold as brass, go all out with your metallics. Mix and match textures and clash with bright colours to achieve the perfect take on the eclectic trend. Alternatively, look for hints of subtle hues, iridescent detailing and delicate shimmer to create a warming glow.

Flash of Fluro
From neon pink to glow stick yellow – you cannot avoid florescent shades at the moment. Forget the 1980s! The 2015 take on this trend is contemporary and elegant. Think ombre, dip dying and strategic pops of colour.

SOURCE: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

In an otherwise neutral room, choose fluorescent/neon shades for your accessories, such as coffee tables, crockery and lampshades. It will certainly brighten up your space.

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