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Your kitchen lies at the heart of your home.  It is the wonderful place that everything comes from that feeds and nourishes your loved ones.  Giving your kitchen a seasonal makeover is a thrifty way to keep things fresh, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.  The kitchen diner is a regular feature of today’s houses and apartments.  So why not have a de-clutter here?  A rethink about this entire space can have a major boost to the way you feel about the house.

Makeover Your Kitchen For Less

Letting the light shine.
This is true at any time of year but particularly so when the nights draw in.  Is your space dark and dull and what can you do to let more light in?  Lighting up a space effectively can make a real difference to your enjoyment of intimate areas.  That can mean that even with one space you can create separate areas of light. They will allow you to work in the kitchen preparing loving treats while someone else is in another spot quietly reading or doing homework.

Once upon a time whole rooms especially kitchen were flooded with harsh strip lights.  You might consider having these replaced for a soft and intimate spotlight effect.  Alternatively there a whole range of clips on lamps and lighting solutions that are simple to plug in and will make a real difference. There’s something special about soft lighting. Complement with candles when you sit down to share something delicious.

Fixture and Fittings
At one time, a sea of whiteware was the must have for any kitchen area.  These days funky splashbacks and bespoke counter tops add real character to your kitchen.  Having your kitchen doors and drawer fronts replaced is a cheaper option for those who love a new look but can’t stretch to a brand new kitchen.  Mismatching appliances with bright colours can be fun.  Why not just treat yourself one amazing new appliance that will be guaranteed for years and be sure to be serving you well for years to come? A catalogue for bad credit rating could make that item more affordable than you think.

Funky furniture
A sumptuous new suite can be tempting, after all curling up in comfort with those you love is one of life’s great pleasures.  You don’t have to invest in an entire suite.  Often an eclectic feel can be built around pre-loved pieces that have been given a fresh makeover. A gorgeous throw creates instant magic.  Even an upholstery clean can breathe life back into a well-used pieces.   Hitting the charity shops can be a great place to discover a fabulous chair or table. If the item is made of wood, it can be surprisingly easy to give it a whole new lease of life.

Gadgets and Gizmos
It’s surprising how few of these all singing and dancing gadgets we need. Our grandmothers wouldn’t have bothered with them and were possibly some of the best cooks we knew.  Why not just treat yourself to good quality essentials? You don’t need an entire set of knives for example.  A brilliant paring knife and good quality chopping knife with last you a lifetime. A retro set of scales, either new or second hand can be a real eye-catching countertop accessory that will last forever.  Display saucepans and skillets on butcher hooks, or get creative with an old bookshelf and give it that shabby chic look.

Encourage your budding artist to create some beautiful wall decorations to instantly spruce up a tired wall area.  Get funky with photographs and collages. With just a bit of imagination and a few select pieces you could transform your kitchen and dining area into a space, you love to spend time in.

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