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When you’re a parent, it can seem like your spare time is precious. Perhaps because there never seems to be enough of it. I have found this all too true. It’s not that I don’t love parenting so, please don’t misunderstand me. It’s just that, like any mum, sometimes everything gets on top of me, and I need just a few moments to myself. You might be wondering what I do when I get some spare time. Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to talk about on this post.

Cocktails in Teacups Treasure The Spare Time You Have As A Parent

Catch Up On Reading
You might have noticed on my blog that I read a lot of books to my kids, and I do mean a lot. But sometimes it’s nice to pick up an adult friendly book and settle back for a good long read. Although I don’t really have time to buy individual books. I just download them on my Kindle instead. I’ve got a cover for it that looks like a book from Casehappy and that’s awesome.

Currently, I’ve been catching up on Love Rosie, based on the film of the same name. I have to say the book is ten times better than the film, and I love the unique way that it is written through letters and texts. I would also recommend a novel called Identical. The entire book is a collection of poems telling the story of two sisters with a twist I won’t spoil.

Catch Up On TV Shows
Thank Goodness for Netflix. Without it I’d never get to watch any TV at all. I don’t usually get the chance to watch it live when it is airing. The TV is usually taken up by the hundredth repeat screening of Frozen. Or, the millionth rewatch of Despicable me. I’m actually looking forward to Minions being released on DVD. At this point, I know the first two by heart! It is funny though. Anyway, again as you can tell from my Blog I love Disney. I’m a total Disnerd and that’s why I’ve been trying to get up to date with Once Upon A Time. Told with a similar story structure to lost Once follows the lives of classic Disney characters as they live their life in the real world. Last season it was all about Frozen and this year we’re in Camelot. I must say I’m loving every moment of it. Despite the premise I can assure you it’s not exactly suitable for young children.

Beauty Treatments
Even though I’m still young I must say I do get worried about looking older. I think you age faster as a parent. There are more stressful situations that you have to deal with on a daily basis. Whether it’s getting the kids ready to go to school or dealing with a tantrum sometimes I can see my hair falling out before my very eyes. That’s why whenever I get a minute a try a simple home beauty remedy. While I wish I could have a sauna in my home I’ll just have to settle for a DIY one. A steam treatment is great for the face and skin. I just fill a bowl with hot water and then let the steam cleanse my skin for ten minutes. Once I’m finished I feel far better.

That’s what I get up to in my spare time and even though I don’t have a lot of it, I wouldn’t change my life for the world.

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