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You all know what a secret santa is right? I just needed to check before I start going on about one. Anyway, I’m sure you all do know what one is, so I’m not going to explain it. Instead I’m going to cut to the chase about the secret santa organised by George. I was so excited to be selected to take part and it was really easy too! I was assigned another blogger and I had a weekend to research her blog to figure out what kind of gift she would like. Then the kind people at George allowed us each to choose a select few gifts we felt our assigned person would like. George has really blown me away this year with their gift selection, I ended up getting a fair few of my gifts for my mum from there, the prices were just too good to pass up. I really hope my blogger loved her gifts (I just creeped on her blog and she did, yay!)

Anyway, here is what I got from my secret santa!

Cocktails in Teacups Parenting Disney Life Travel Blog #georgesecretsanta

Cocktails in Teacups Parenting Disney Life Travel Blog #georgesecretsanta Wooly Hat Garland

Cocktails in Teacups Parenting Disney Life Travel Blog #georgesecretsanta Hat

Cocktails in Teacups Parenting Disney Life Travel Blog #georgesecretsanta Wax Lyrical Candle

Cocktails in Teacups Parenting Disney Life Travel Blog #georgesecretsanta Tea Towels

Cocktails in Teacups Parenting Disney Life Travel Blog #georgesecretsanta Advent Calendar

Cocktails in Teacups Parenting Disney Life Travel Blog #georgesecretsanta Disney

First up, wooly hats seemed to be a theme as I received a garland and a hat. The hat is adorable and I love the colour, it’s given me a perfect excuse to treat myself to a new pair of gloves and a scarf to match! The garland is really cute and I’m a sucker for anything with pegs. The pegs themselves work well so I’ve hung it up so I can clip any Christmas cards I receive to it. Unfortunately neither are available on the website at the moment so I can’t link you up!

My absolute favourite gift was the Wax Lyrical Gingerbread House candle that smells amazing! I’ve been burning it ever since I got it because the scent really lingers and makes my house smell really festive. I love a good candle especially a warming smell like gingerbread. I also received a pack of adorable gingerbread related tea towels that I’m in love with. I cannot wait to bring them out every Christmas. I also received a Christmas apron but it didn’t match the tea towels which (while trying not to sound like a complete madam) didn’t sit well with my OCD. HOWEVER, my mum has just had a beautiful new kitchen fitted over the summer and this is where we’ll be having dinner on Christmas day. Her accessory theming is red so the apron goes perfectly. She was so thankful I thought of her and she cannot wait to make Christmas dinner while wearing it!

The unfortunate thing with secret santas, especially the ones where you don’t really know the person you’re buying for, sometimes you get things you can’t use, which was sadly the case with the Made With Love 12 Days of Pampering Set* which was completely gorgeous and a great idea but all the products in it had one ingredient that sadly (and grossly) makes my skin become dry and itchy. I usually inform people of my no beauty products rule because unless I can read the ingredients for myself, I can never know how I’m going to react. However, when I think of George I don’t think of beauty so it never crossed my mind. I’m only just discovering now while browsing the website that they have a fab range of well priced beauty gifts for Christmas!

Finally, I received an Olaf cushion and a Frozen beaker. Little Miss claimed the beaker and I think the cushion will end up in her room too after Christmas. He fits well downstairs in among all our Christmas decoration at the moment.

Did you take part in any Secret Santas this year? How did you get on?

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